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The Egyptian Mysteries: Mummies and the Sphinx

What do you know about the Great Sphinx and Mummies? Sphinx and Mummies are two ancient Egyptian mysteries; one a rock sculpture and other, a culture. Egyptians are highly religious people; though they believed in many gods and goddesses. The Egyptians also believed in an afterlife to which human souls journeyed after death. They built…
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A bereaved mosquito

A bereaved mosquito came around last night. Last night a bereaved mosquito came singing to my ear It continuously sang until I had no other choice than to sit up and listen The unlucky creature told me how unfortunate they have become Once, they were the best singer in the world They sang in the…
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The Grieved Lands by Agostinho Neto

The grieved lands of Africa In the tearful woes of ancient and modern slave In the degrading sweat of impure dance Of other seas Grieved The grieved lands of Africa In the infamous sensation of the stunning perfume of the Flower Crushed in the forest By the wickedness of iron and fire The grieved lands…
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COVID-19: 361 recent cases and 103 deaths in Ghana

Ghana is one of the countries in Africa that has reopened more sectors of it economy including education regardless of the coronavirus situation. It has been reported that Ghana’s COVID-19 cases as at June 26, has reached 15,834, with 361 new cases were recorded. This was disclosed officially by the Ghana Health Service. Ghana has…
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The Races of Africa

The two main races inhabiting Africa in early times were the Berbers of the Mediterranean coastlands and the Negroes of equatorial Africa. The Berbers (and the ancient Egyptians) were of Hamitic stock – racially Caucasian, with “European” facial characteristics. The Negroes included the small-statured Pygmies. The pygmies, and a third race – the rather yellow…
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Coronavirus in Africa: Impact Figures of COVID-19 in African Countries

While most cases of the COVID-19 coronavirus have been reported in the U.S. , Europe, and China, the virus is spreading rapidly across the African continent. The confirmed worldwide cases for the virus have surpassed three million with the current figure being at 3,075,538. The increase in new reported cases around the world has led…
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Continental Government for Africa

Continental Government for Africa By Kwame Nkrumah   We have seen, in the example of the United States, how the dynamic elements within society understood the need for unity and fought their bitter civil war to maintain the political union that was threatened by the reactionary forces. We have also seen, in the example of…
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There’s a new tragedy every day

If you’ve been reading or watching the news lately, it can seem like the whole world is in pain. Every day, it seems, there’s a new tragedy in which lives have been needlessly lost, or a natural disaster has destroyed a community, or there’s another disturbing story of corruption and wrongdoing. Recently, I went to…
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