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19 things happy people never do

There is no shortage of self-help books out there ready to tell you what you need to do to be happy. But while this can be helpful, sometimes it’s just as valuable to consider the opposite: What are the things that happy people avoid doing? Thinking about happiness from this perspective can be equally enlightening,…
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What can I tell the world that it does not know?

I woke this morning asking myself if there are any new things to tell the world that it doesn’t already know? In science, we have been told several stories about the earth and the rest of the eight planets. They also have a theory for the creation of man; for gravity; electricity; force and effort…
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Introducing three new weekly series (story and poetry)

We are introducing three new weekly series to our content category. Starting from September 2020, join us as we launch The Hustler’s Deal, Adventure Caused By Destiny and Life: Struggles, Failure, and Accolades on Giftedminds Writers’ Blog – two compelling weekly story and poetry series showcasing critical situations around Nigeria and humanity.

Advantages of being fake – Sharon Ayano

Advantages of being fake by Sharon Ayano Being yourself makes happiness easy and obtainable, trying to be someone else makes it difficult. “The advantages of being fake” by Sharon will help you to find the right way to be true to yourself and find happiness. This video will help you know that there’s more value…
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It’s a wonderful life (A movie about coping with life’s uncertainty)

“Dear George, remember no man is a failure who has friends…” – Clarence The movie ‘It’s a wonderful life’ was directed by Frank Capra and released in 1946. ‘It’s a wonderful life tells the story of a man who thoughtless of himself because of his background. He saw himself as a “nobody” and felt he…
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He charges her to lay aside her weapons

I charge you, lady young and fair, Straightway to lay your arms aside. Lay by your armour, would you dare To spread the slaughter far and wide? O lady, lay your armour by, Conceal your curling hair also, For never was a man could fly The coils that o’er your bosom flow. And if you…
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No one is love perfect

At first, one would think the easiest thing in life should be love. Because we were told that love is everything good and charming. Love is kind. Love is caring. Love is patient. Love is gentle. God is love. You know the rest. Wait until you have fallen in and out of several relationship “successfully”,…
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all the world is a stage

All the world’s a stage,
And all the men and women merely players:
They have their exits and their entrances;
And one man in his time plays many parts

The pain I carry

The only regret I have is having to live tomorrow, For my past is full of sorrow, I fought my battles so far away, For queen and country until that fateful day. Upon my return I was full of joy, I could not help it, but felt my heart glow. Never had God bestowed me…
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You are a masterpiece

  You are unique, you are special, you are nothing less than a masterpiece. Don’t let anyone tell you less. Masterpiece are one of a kind, rare and different. Lemmen has a poem below to attest further. There is art In your heart Painting pictures When I lay My head down on your chest There…
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3 heartbreak poems that will make your eyes wet by Frank Solanki

Have you ever been heartbroken? If yes, then you will relate with these 3 heartbreak poems well enough. If No, then these 3 heartbreak poems by Frank Solanki will cause you to tears.   STAY Why do you believe Everything that I say? When I asked you to leave I wanted you to stay  …
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A Poem By Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o on COVID-19

Knowing we are currently in a pandemic, Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o graciously wrote this poem and would like it to be shared widely. We hope it brings you comfort. The poem was written on March 23, 2020.

What Will You Do, Love?

“What will you do, love, when I am going, With white sail flowing, The seas beyond? – What will you do, love, when waves divide us, And friends may chide us For being fond?” “Though waves divide us, and friends be chiding, In faith abiding, I’ll still be true! And I’ll pray for thee on…
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Cry, Sometimes that’s all it takes

Let your pain out. Give room for your frustration to come out in tears, allow your heart to be warmed by this liquid. But never you lose your mind.

Trapped – a poem about depression

I thought my only option left
Was to end my precious life;
So I planned to step off of a ledge;
Or make friends with a knife.

Have You Earned Your Tomorrow

Did you waste the day, or lose it, was it well or sorely spent?
Did you leave a trail of kindness or a scar of discontent?

POEM: No Way Out From Sexual Abuse

This poem was written by a 17-year old who have been sexually abused for 8 years.

Why can’t fish survive outside water?

Have you ever wondered why fish cannot survive outside water? Fish are specially adapted so that they can breathe under the water. They have special organs called gills. Gills are bars of tissue at each side of the fish’s head. They carry masses of finger like projections that contain tiny blood vessels. The fish gulp…
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The Slaughter of the Innocent by Order of King Herod

His hope undone, now raves the impious king In raging wrath – if king we call that thing Who justice lacks not rules his passions right. So raves a lion, fierce from hunger’s spite, When from his jaws the tender lamb takes flight. He rushes on the harmless flock amain To read, to mangle: —…
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Hymn Against Pestilence

A great pestilence namely the Buide Connail (the Yellow Plague) which ransacked all Ireland and left only one man in every three alive led to this hymn by St. Colman.

Children can go astray

Sometimes I worry about my son, I ask myself, why what have I done? I gave him love, I gave him life. Why does he hurt me? Why do I cry? One day, I was burdened, felt helpless and sad, I opened up a book and read what it said. Even if we were perfect…
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She rejoices in God with a grateful heart and a joyful spirit She possesses the ability to genuinely say to another woman: “I admire your qualities and attributes” She is blessed with the gift of giving and a willingness to help others She consoles others even though she too is hurting She learns from her…
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Poetic Regime 2019

Poets and other literature writers are about to gain the attention of Nigerians, Africans and the entire world.

Simi releases new song “Ayo”

Simisola Bolatito Ogunleye, professionally known and referred to as Simi, expressed thankfulness to God and looking forward for good things and greater expectations to her new song and marriage.

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