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Understanding business and minimizing mistakes

In understanding business, you must understand that the first laws of economics is scarcity. As a rule, there is never enough of anything for everyone who wants it. Specifically, there are never enough customers for you to sell everything you want to sell. There are never enough sales revenue to help you achieve all your…
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Reasons Your Business Might Fail

The reason why so many businesses underachieve and fail is that they lack discipline. They lack the discipline to carefully study every aspect of the business before committing to it. They lack the discipline to test their assumptions rather than jumping to conclusions and hoping for the best. When you start a business a new…
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The concept of fear and failure

The first thing and the most important thing I’ll want to stick to your mind today is that there is no such thing as impossibility. The things that are yet to be possible in your life right now are the things you fear to embark on. In other words, fear exists; impossibility does not.  In…
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