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Assisted Suicide or Euthanasia: Is killing patients with incurable illness justifiable?

Assisted Suicide or Euthanasia One of the most critical issues underlying the question of justified killing in medicine is whether the act of assisting persons in bringing about their deaths causes them a loss or, rather, provides a benefit. Assisted Suicide is a person’s voluntary suicide with help from another individual. Individuals who elect to…
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Using a stone to cut a hole in a patient’s skull cures certain illness

In prehistoric times, using a stone to cut a patient’s skull was used to cure headaches, mental illness, or epilepsy. The first known surgical treatment was an operation called trephining. Trephining ‘trepanning’ involved using a stone instrument to cut a hole in a patient’s skull. In prehistoric times people believed that angry gods or evil…
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The healthiest way to eat fruits and vegetables

The vast majority of adults don’t eat enough fruits or veggies, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Only 12 percent eat enough fruit (between one and a half and two cups per day) and less than 10 percent eat enough vegetables (between two and three cups per day). Health experts want to…
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Causes of many failed lives – Parental influence

In a sentence or two, I will share with you what my poetic friend has to say about life. But before then, there are several causes of failed lives and these must be considered carefully. There is no order of prominence to causers of failed life but each influences life greatly. Parental influence “Train a…
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The concept of life and earth

Have you ever looked back in your life and felt as though you have been living without reasonable fruits, impact or growth? Sometimes, you get exasperated when you recall for how long you have been hustling. Truth be told, everyone has experienced this kind of pressure in life. I wouldn’t like to bore you with…
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When and why do we stop growing?

The average baby is about one foot, eight inches long at birth. Over the next twenty years, man triples the length of the body he was born with and reaches an average height of about five feet, eight inches. But why doesn’t he just keep on growing and growing? Also See: 4 tips for better…
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4 Tips on How to Speak to Your Spouse

It’s not easy to be on your best behavior after an exhausting day at work or at home with your kids, but it’s not okay to react harshly to the one you love. Here are things to keep in mind that will help you take the high road and strengthen your relationship for years to…
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What does true love require?

Our popular but late Michael Jackson sang and I quote, “love is magical”, oh yes he is right. But I wish he had stayed a little longer to experience love further, so that he can understand that love is more than the magic. Love in not the combination of kisses and hugs; because even Jesus…
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How to regain your life after pregnancy

When I became a mother, I gained a love I’d never known the likes of before – but I also lost myself. At the time, I didn’t realise it was happening. I simply didn’t have time to. I was consumed with the humdrum routine of washing and feeding and doing the school and nursery run;…
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Why did humans begin eating meat?

It should have felt unnatural at first, to consume animal flesh. We’re not so far eliminated from animals ourselves. Maybe it even felt cannibalistic. There might not have actually been that much intellectual difference in between humans and other animals. When human beings were pure vegetarians, they were living in consistency with the earth and…
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Battle Stress With These 13 Tips

In moments of stress, breathe deeply, take a few minutes off and go for a walk or conjure a happy memory, or jot down your thoughts. If it’s overwhelming, go on a vacation or, at least, get a pedicure or massage. If you can’t do either, talk to a friend. Eat healthy and do exercise…
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COVID-19 and Humanity

Heal the world. Make it a better place for you and for me to thrive and to survive…and our own could be better, if we care enough for each other to make it a better place for you and for me.” – Micheal Jackson It is no more a news that COVID-19 has reached our…
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The Largest Muscle is situated in the Buttocks

A muscle is the tough, elastic tissue that makes our body parts move. Muscles are found throughout the body. As a person grows, the muscles also get bigger. Muscle makes up nearly half the body weight of an adult. The human body has more than 600 major muscles and about 240 of them have specific…
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What Vital Organs Reside in Human Throat

The human throat is house to many things, aside for the fact that therein lays the passage through which your swallowed food and liquids get into the body. Where are your vocal cords and where are your adenoids? Where would you find the epiglottis? The throat is a term loosely applied to the part of…
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What Triggers Feelings and Action in Human?

Everyone feels, react and act. So, what triggers this feelings and actions in human? Serotonin does. Serotonin is a chemical that acts in the brain and other parts of the body to influence many feelings, actions and processes. Some of the important functions regulated by serotonin include appetite, sleep, aggression, and moods. In the brain…
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Life Insurance: Own your life

Don’t spend the days of your life trying to prove to people who you are. Don’t let anyone own you, you deserve the right to own yourself. If it is your life, it is your right.

How to keep your relationship going

It is not uncommon, says Ammanda Major, head of clinical practice at Relate, for couples who come to therapy to say they love each other but that they’re not “in love” with each other. “Often in a longer-term relationship, the humdrumness of life has taken over their relationship,” she says. “And so, before you know…
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The nature of new parenthood can lead to loneliness, but

A prospective parent is a magnet for unsolicited advice. During my pregnancy last year, I found myself trying to parse the accurate wisdom from the overblown. One claim seemed especially questionable: My social life would disintegrate, according to my sisters-in-law, co-workers, and everyone else; indeed my very attitude to friendship would change. Any new acquaintances…
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What makes people dream?

The only difference between day dreaming and night dreaming is the fact that we are asleep in one. Dreams occur when the person is so relaxed that they pay no attention to what goes on around them. In our dreams we can find ourselves doing some pleasant thing, or enjoying a great triumph, or accomplishing…
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How Negativity Kills a Relationship

There’s an elegant symmetry to traditional wedding vows: for better or for worse. But love is not symmetrical, and most of us don’t realize how lopsided it can be. The worse matters far more than the better in marriage or any other relationship. That’s how the brain works. Our thoughts and feelings are skewed by…
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Black Bird – A Rape Story

Painting is for pictures too hard to understand so let me paint you a picture of a girl who has a little too much to understand.. her heart was a two ton brick in her fist that kept her pinned to the exact spot on the ground he wanted her to be in when she’s…
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What It Mean To Dream That You Are Pregnant

Maybe you’re taking a pregnancy test. Maybe you’re on your way to the delivery room. Maybe you’re just hanging out, being pregnant and enjoying your second trimester. Whatever the details are, dreaming that you’re pregnant or giving birth can be jarring — especially if, in real life, you don’t have any children at all. Stephanie…
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Tips to help a child with Down Syndrome sleep better

Children with Down Syndrome might have difficulties in getting a good night’s sleep. But parents and caregivers can help the child follow a healthy lifestyle that will help them sleep well at the end of the day. These few tips will definitely guide on how to help a child with Down syndrome sleep better. Children…
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Fire disaster leads to several damages especially the loss of lives and the destruction properties, hence, the need to protect our environment against fire disaster.

20 Tips for Helping You to Quit Smoking

Don’t try to do them all at once. Choose three or four, never more, to begin with, and then add one or two more each day. Good luck! Never smoke in the car Refuse every cigarette that’s offered to you Don’t have a cigarette before breakfast Buy only one pack at a time Buy only…
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Reasons why people smoke and reasons to quit

Addiction to cigarettes is the most common and vicious of all the addictions, worse than heroin and more difficult to kick – and it is legal! There are 3,000 dangerous chemicals in cigarette smoke. Regardless of this, people smoke for several reasons. When the nicotine in cigarette reaches the brain, it makes the head spin…
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What age is best for having a baby?

Many women are delaying pregnancy until their 30s and 40s. This is no more hazardous than being in your 20s as long as you are fit and healthy. Whatever your age, you are likely to have a normal pregnancy and birth, although problems such as infertility and chromosomal defeats – for example, Down’s syndrome –…
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About 3 in 1000 Babies are Born Deaf or color-blind

Deafness is the complete inability to hear sound. It can occur at any age. A person may go deaf all of a sudden due to an accident or a severe viral infection, or gradually over time as a result of disease, nerve damage or injury caused by noise. Ear infection, fluid build-up behind the eardrum,…
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Amazing Facts about Laughter and Tears

Humans are one of the species who laugh. Laughter is a sense of feeling good, happy and joyful. It is a response to humor, comprising two parts, gestures and production of sound. A hearty laugh triggers changes in the various parts of the body like arm, leg and truck muscles. Fifteen facial muscles contract when…
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