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Fake People and how to live among them

Fake people will hurt you and they will make you feel like you are the one who have hurt them.” – Anonymous In life, at one or more times, we have all encountered some situations where after fusing a lot of efforts into what we want, we were told we cannot get the thing anymore.…
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Underrating People: Here is why you should stop!

I have never met a man who was not my superior in some particular.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson Life and nature are configured to exist in steps and layers. They operate like that because the stage we are today either lifts us up or drags us down, and the layer we are opening today may…
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The best way to acquire is to remain empty (a short story)

Many years ago there lived an ancient Chinese Grand Master of Philosophy and martial arts. Students spent many years studying philosophies and truths. One day, an apprentice who was admired by all of his peers went before the wise old master. This was a great honour, for only one apprentice is selected annually. It was…
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Causes of many failed lives – Peer group stimulus

In the last episode I shared how parenting can be a causer of many failed lives. This episode will dwell on another causer of failed lives. Peer group stimulus Peer group is a vital part of human growth. This group awakens the mind frame of children to lots of things they naturally won’t bother about.…
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How Pepsi survived in a Coca-Cola dominated market

Before the Second World War, Coca-Cola dominated America soft drink industry. There was really no second place firm worth mentioning. “Pepsi raised hardly a flicker of recognition in coke’s consciousness.” Pepsi-Cola was a newer drink that cost less to manufacture and whose taste thought to be less satisfying than coke. Its major selling point was…
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The concept of fear and failure

The first thing and the most important thing I’ll want to stick to your mind today is that there is no such thing as impossibility. The things that are yet to be possible in your life right now are the things you fear to embark on. In other words, fear exists; impossibility does not.  In…
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Never stop challenging yourself

At times in life; because we see some people becoming productive with little efforts they infused on their endeavours, we tend to easily believe that the results would be the same for us too, with minimal efforts. But, if, unfortunately, the results go otherwise, we start losing interest in our pursuits. We begin to feel…
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How to climb to the top and remain relevant |Khoner

We all want to climb the ladder of success. We start with the intention of reaching the top. Regrettably, only a few get there. Most people end up halfway satisfied with the little progress made. On the other hand, some find it difficult to start. Therefore, they never succeed. Focus is vital in climbing the…
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Affirmation; the secret of successful people

You can’t produce magic in your life until you learn the luminous arts of a real magician. Robin Sharma With the way the world is evolving and how everything is changing; it is obvious things are tight, tough, rough and disjointed in every ramifications. However, staying on that lane is something this write-up intends to…
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Before you give up on life read this

You can’t change what’s happened to you. You may have had an unfair past, but you don’t have to have an unfair future. You may have had a rough start, but it’s not how you start, it’s how you finish.” – Anonymous Oftentimes in life, we have gone through one or two experiences that have…
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8 factors limiting you from maximizing your potential

“Potential is always bigger than the problem. Your potential is infinite and is always bigger than whatever problem you’re going through. And your life begins to be okay when you wake up in the morning, and say, I’m going to walk in the direction of my purpose. I’m going to walk in the direction of…
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How to turn criticism around

Use criticisms for your benefits. The most form of criticism that is advisable for you to be taking serious is constructive.

Consider this truth while aspiring to become successful

Don’t try to be like a successful person. Grow your own kind of successful personality. The rich creates their need and makes it your want. The rich needed fast cars, to help them save time on the road, but that has been your want today. Taking or following the steps of an already made man…
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What should be done to the helpless and hopeless in our society?

“Find somebody you should be successful for; raise their hopes and rise to their needs.” – Barack Obama  As I am writing this piece, I want you to believe that there are some people somewhere in every corner of the world, who needs help and assistance. The source of motivation of these people have been…
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5 personal development quotes that changed my life

In 2017 I decided to embark on a self discovery journey. I read about authors and more on industrialists just to find out what was missing in my life. I did not regret this decision. I will love to share with you 5 quotable words from David Abioye’s books I read. I hope it transforms…
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2 wise sayings to consider before choosing a lifestyle

Everyone wants to be great, and exceedingly great if possible. But we all hope for greatness in different areas of life. As a child, we live by the training and guidance of our parents or guardian. You get to a certain age when you have to decide on your own (your lifestyle). You’ve the rights…
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Dust, Sweat and Blood

It is not the critic who counts, not the man who points out how the strong man stumbled, or where the doer of deeds could have done better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena; whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs…
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What are you known for? And,what will you be remembered for? (A tribute to Ibidunni Ighodalo)

It is true that you cannot give what you don’t have and we cannot ascertain the weight of what we have until we are ready to put it into use, to help other people solve their problems, to redefine some people’s destiny.

How to deal with naysayers trying to spoil your ambition

“I want to thank all the people who have told me I couldn’t do it. It is because they doubted me that I leaped this high.” – Anonymous We all have find ourselves in a situation where we are asked what we want to do or become. It is always demoralising when the next thing…
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Live Your Flair, Not Your Fear

“Don’t be afraid to fail; if you are afraid to fail, you are getting yourself frozen and stiffled.” – Arnold Schwarzenegger Life is always a two-sided coin – Positive or negative, failure or success, hope or despair and flair or fear. Every of the “sides” are important to what we seek to become in life.…
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Be Passionate with Your Hobby

You will find your purpose where you find your happiness.” – Anonymous A few days ago, I was conversing with one of my friends and I asked him what he is doing right now, since most states are at the behest of restrictions and lockdown. I was shocked and devastated by his response because he…
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Motivation: Help is not coming; Wake up!

Coronavirus is not here to stop you. It is not here to discourage. However, this is the perfect time for sober reflections.

Fear can be unlearned – Stay Motivated during COVID-19

Fear is a terrible emotion that undermines our happiness and can hold us back throughout our lives.

Dealing with Financial Problems – Stay Motivated during COVID-19

The starting point of achieving financial independence is to discipline yourself to rewire your attitude towards money.

Conquer Your Weaker Self

“To find your best self, you must lose your weak self.” – Robin Sharma Deep Inside everyman lies a voice that echoes the negatives, more than the positives. This voice speaks to us in several ways – you can’t accept this, don’t take this, you are more than that, don’t forgive that person, you can’t…
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It is Never Too Late to Pursue Your Dream

The day you start scoring goals is the day you will start realising your goals.” – Samuel Eto’o When each man was created, God planted something inside him to be serving as promise of what he has to offer the world he inheres. If man gives room to this promise to grow and manifest, he…
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Help Someone Today

It’s time to lift each other up, not to push each other away. We only win when we are together.” – Hector Bellerin How do you feel when you see someone seeking for help? How do you feel when you come across someone that looks confused and you sensed it that that person needs help?…
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Your “I Don’t Want” Is The Opposite of Your “I Want”.

Your reasons not to be disappointed are reasons for your joy filled season.” – Potentiality Builders Today, I want us to both question how we reason and why we can’t change some things about ourselves, situations and our lives entirely. As human beings that are responsibly blessed, it has been discovered that only a few…
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Do What You Should Right Now

If you are waiting for the right time, you are waving to the right tasks that will make everytime right.” – Potentiality Builders One of the greatest enemies to actualising one’s dream and unleashing one’s potential is procrastination; it holds one’s strength from being released by fuelling the impression that either you haven’t got the…
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How to develop your will to conquer

Will is what gives you the power to rise, to visualise, to conquer. It is from your will that you will discover that there is nothing that will offer you cheap rewards;

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