Coping with stress

One of the greatest causes of stress and mental ill-health can be a disparity between expectation and achievement, between hope and actual result. Happiness and mental wellbeing are not about playing out a fictitious role conjured up by authors and journalists. Happiness is about coming to terms with reality. Forget […]

Actualizing lifelong happiness

The happiest people are those who feel that they are doing something worthwhile and important with their lives. The process of actualizing happiness is to identify the areas of your life in which you feel the happiest and the most intimate control. Think of how you could expand them. Brian […]

Cabin Biscuit Motivation

Last night I bought a pack of Cabin Biscuit. As I open the pack, I saw the three long rows of biscuits as usual. My mind went back to the days when I used to sneak into my mom’s room to “steal” some pieces of biscuit. After picking some, I […]