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Overcoming Bad Choices

I am standing before today; not as one of those whose backgrounds were merry and delightful, but as a man who have learned from my wrongs and used them to shape my future.” – Potentiality Builders In the past, we have all made one or two decisions that don’t favour us; we invest our monies…
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Success and Failure – Stay Motivated during COVID-19

Today I will sharing with you inspirations on success and failure. They are quite come topics, but you surely need to read this one. Success is not always externally obvious – it may be just a feeling inside you or a spark in your eyes. Those who succeed in life are those who recognise early…
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Successful people are not mere dreamers

Successful people look around themselves and search for what they want. If they can’t find it, they create one.” – George Bernard Shaw In the cup of life, what it contain appears to us in two folds: To some people, it is half full. To some people, it is half empty. It may be difficult…
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You Are Unique – Stay Motivated during COVID-19

We are all unique in some special way, but most of us have been taught, pushed and punished into conformity. We are told not to stick our nests out too far and not to make too much noise in case we are noticed. Unfortunately, the knowledge you have and have gained is what distinguishes you…
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Becoming A Visionary Leader

“Leadership is about influence, not control. I am not the first person to make this observation, but it is worth repeating. The truth is that control is an illusion. You can’t control anyone, even the people that report to you.” – Michael Hyatt Let’s take the assertion above to cushion our insight about “visionary leadership.”…
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Purposeful Leadership

“More than anything else, what keeps a person going in the midst of adversity is having a sense of purpose. It is the fuel that powers persistence.” – John C. Maxwell Leaders are not born but they are made; We all have the traits of leadership flaming in everyone of us. What is left to…
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You Have to Face the Sun Or…

Everyone dreams of being a legend until it comes time to do the work that legends do.” – Anonymous My emotion is heightened as I am about to be penning this piece; not because of any other thing, but because the title was scrobbled from what I observed from people closer to me – or…
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Don’t Be a Prisoner of Your Past

The problems of people’s pasts impact them in one of two ways: They experience either a breakdown or a breakthrough.” – C. S. Lewis Year 2020 is going steadily, and we are all aware of how promising the year is because it is the gateway to the next decade. Having known that we have to…
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A message to the youths from 1974

  “My advice to every educated young Nigerian is that he should take each day as a sacred unit which must not be misused or dissipated, and see to it that, out of the 24 hours available to him, he spends at least 8 concentrated hours on work, plus at least 8 hours in serious…
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It is Never Too Late to Pursue Your Dream

The day you start scoring goals is the day you will start realising your goals.” – Samuel Eto’o When each man was created, God planted something inside him to be serving as promise of what he has to offer the world he inheres. If man gives room to this promise to grow and manifest, he…
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Michelle Obama Quotes

From helping Barack win the 2008 presidential election, to the early years in the White House, through the 2012 election and her post-White House life, Michelle Obama’s words have inspired Americans nationwide. Although some of the quotes attributed to her that grace Pinterest boards and Instagram posts came from words she spoke, others are written…
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Know What You Aim At

…you are the ultimate measure of how far you’ll go in life.” – Henry Ukazu I was once approached by a friend on how I do my things to yield results. He prodded because he felt tempted that I am a playful, jovial and naughty type; and yet, I am a little bit productive in…
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Help Someone Today

It’s time to lift each other up, not to push each other away. We only win when we are together.” – Hector Bellerin How do you feel when you see someone seeking for help? How do you feel when you come across someone that looks confused and you sensed it that that person needs help?…
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Your “I Don’t Want” Is The Opposite of Your “I Want”.

Your reasons not to be disappointed are reasons for your joy filled season.” – Potentiality Builders Today, I want us to both question how we reason and why we can’t change some things about ourselves, situations and our lives entirely. As human beings that are responsibly blessed, it has been discovered that only a few…
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What should I do after I have failed?

What should I do after I have failed? This is hard! I mean it is emotionally and societally hard to live again after failing. Sometimes, we get this feeling of something hanging right there in the throat, choking and squeezing the breath out of us. Our society hates failure and so there is no room…
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Have You Been Questioning The Status Quo?

Until we deviate from crowd mentality, that is when we will be creating a new reality.” – Jude Abaga As a people living for relevance, I am certain of it that we aware of how important it is for us to know that there are some things we have to interrogate their status, situation and…
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Invest Your Time

Time flies over us, but leaves its shadow behind.” – Nathaniel Hawthorne One of the things that are irredeemable when they are lost in life is – time. This makes it essential for us to maximize our time and prioritize where to be infusing our efforts at the right time. Those who value time track…
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How to develop your will to conquer

Will is what gives you the power to rise, to visualise, to conquer. It is from your will that you will discover that there is nothing that will offer you cheap rewards;

Forgiveness Brings Fortitude

Kind speech and forgiveness is better than charity followed by injury; and Allah is Self-sufficient, Forbearing.” – Qura’n 2:264 As long as we are co-habitating with fellow human beings , it is certain that we will be crossed in our paths, and what they have done to us, irrespective of how grave the consequence is,…
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Fulfillment is the Hallmark of True Success (One).

Ours is a world where people don’t know what they want and they are willing to go through hell to get it.” – Don Marquis Just a few days ago, I was interacting with one of my colleagues that has been making me resourceful. I inquired about her plan after completion of her service year,…
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“I Have a Dream” By Martin Luther King, Jr.

“I Have a Dream”   By Martin Luther King, Jr. I am happy to join with you today in what will go down in history as the greatest demonstration for freedom in the history of our nation. Five score years ago, a great American, in whose symbolic shadow we stand today, signed the Emancipation Proclamation.…
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How to live forever

You don’t have to die if you do not want to. You can live for as long as you want to, If you really want to. Do you know that we can continue to live with or without the body. If the body feels too old to move on, we can transfer our conscience and…
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Demons of darkness

These demons can’t be seen
But they’re far from fairy tales
They live inside your mind
Their evilness prevails

Short life summary

Whether it’s twenty years or one hundred-twenty,
Live it with a purpose to be greater than many.
Most likely life will be long;
So live it with the future in mind
Because if you act in the moment life is never kind.

Never stop being you

Never stop building bridges that lead to better tomorrows.
Never stop trying, and don’t give into sorrow.
Never stop feeling amazed at the beauty that surrounds you.
Never stop hearing the music, and don’t give into the blues.


There’s beauty in struggle,
There’s feeling in pain.
For every painstaking mistake,
There are lessons you can name.

The true meaning of life

People I loved,
Have come and have gone,
But the world never stopped,
And we all carried on.

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