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Nigerian women in politics: Introduction

1.1.Background to the study Nigeria, a country located in the West African sub-continent with a projected population figure of over a hundred million people of various customs and traditions spread around the 913,070 square kilometers landmass of the nation. Nigeria has many ethnic groups. The large groups include Yoruba, Igbo, and Hausa/Fulani. The various ethnic…
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Factors that led to the amalgamation of Nigeria in 1914

The amalgamation of the three areas that existed separately between 1861 and 1913 to form Nigeria was due to some reasons. INCREASED REVENUE IN THE SOUTH Between 1900 and 1913, there was a steady increase in the revenue of the southern protectorate while British treasury continued to give subsidy to the northern protectorate. The southern…
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Past development policies in Nigeria and their responsibility

Nigeria has applied many development policies in the past. They are truly pro-poor policies, but generally gender-neutral. This means that they give no thought to the fact that there are differences between poor men and women. These past development policies in Nigeria included: 1. Agricultural Development Projects (ADPs): To stimulate increased food production and enhance…
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Together despite all odds, Now 60

Together despite all odds, Now 60 Since the day when River Niger and River Benue became lovers, And 1914, when Northern and Southern Nigeria got married, To 1960, when Nigerians got liberated and united We have seen; and we’ve conquered several odds to stay together as one. Together, we’ve torn wide apart the jaws of…
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Nigeria is not the best country, but it is a good one

If you don’t know how you are blessed, you will think your father’s farm is worse than your friend’s father’s farm. Do not be deceived, Nigeria is not the best country but it is a good one. $1 is #500 and so what? Let me elucidate from my little experience. Can anyone in the USA…
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COVID-19: Nigeria announce plans to impose total lockdown

Nigeria has hinted on plans to impose total lockdown on movements in the country. The chairman of the Presidential Task Force, Boss Mustapha made this known during a press briefing. Mustapha warned that there will be total lock down if the coronavirus cases in the country does not decrease in the next two weeks. In…
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COVID-19: Nigeria set to reopen schools

Schools in Nigeria are now allowed to reopen, this was contained in a statement by the Secretary to the Government of the Federation, Boss Mustapha. This announcement came on Monday, June 29 after the Presidential Taskforce Briefing with President Buhari. Notably, schools in Nigeria has been on the lockdown for about three months since the…
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Face mask is now compulsory in the state – Lagos State Governor

Babajide Sanwo-Olu, the Lagos State Governor has confirmed that face mask is now compulsory in the state. The governor made this know via Twitter on Sunday. Sanwo-Olu explains that the face mask help to protect people from droplets and secretions from coughing and sneezing. He therefore stated that compulsory wearing of face masks in the…
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We must come to the understanding that most Nigeria youths like other youths of the world do not only lack employment, they are thirsty after empowerment and encouragement.


The introduction of tie and dye to Lagos state cannot be credited to a single individual. Tie and dye production was an industry that started in different parts of Yorubaland almost at the same time due to the availability of dye. However, many believe the home or birth place of tie and dye is Osogbo, perhaps because of the large population of dyers and the historical records that are presentable.

Do You Know What A Luta Continua Mean

 A Luta Continua! I was wet behind the ears. I was a Jambite. It was matriculation day at the University of Ilorin. After matriculation on the main campus of the University, I returned to the mini-campus in the company of new friends – fellow Jambites. At the entrance gate to campus, we ran to a…
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Abiku (By J.P Clark)

Coming and going these several seasons, Do stay out on the baobab tree, Follow where you please your kindred spirits If indoors is not enough for you. True, it leaks through the thatch Where floods brim the banks, And the bats and the owls Often tear in at night through the eaves, And at harmattan,…
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Change isn’t African Magic

Our government says change begins with me, yet they haven’t given me anything to change into. Just imagine you asking me to stop wearing my old clothes and you didn’t provide me with new ones. Talk is cheap… Change don’t drop from the sky… It is a give and take situation. Just like paying for…
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Unfortunately, the peaceful coexistence of Nigerians has always been confronted by a lot of challenges since the inception of the country and most of these challenges are products of ethnic politics and sentiments.
This study will therefore examine the problem of integration in Nigeria

Goodluck Jonathan Responds to Cameron’s New Book

“In his book, Mr. Cameron failed to mention that I wrote him requesting his help on Chibok. Why did he suppress that information? I remind him that copies of that letter exist at the State Houses in Nigeria and London. He never called me on the phone to offer any help. On the contrary, I…
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Before You Take It – Read this!

“To be opened, what is your interpretation of job? What comes to your mind when you hear the word – job? What do you think about it when you are soul searching? What is the reflection you normally get about it?” I know by seeing the caption, you will pause for some seconds and ask…
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I Will Not Train My Servants and Spoil My Children by Jibowu Mosiko

I was one of the few privilege child. A son to a “Headmaster” in the early ’70s and in one of the remotest village in Nigeria-Akutupa Kiri. No electricity, no pipe borne water, no motorable road but a road not better than a footpath,  infact during that time, we were normally lucky to see “trucks”…
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Oldest Medical Hospital in Nigeria

The first and oldest medical hospital in Nigeria is located in Lantoro, Abeokuta. It was founded by Catholic Missionaries in 1895.

Giftedminds Writers to receive “World Quality Commitment Award” Gold Category in Spain this year.

Giftedminds Writers Firm; a writing, research and content marketing firm established in April 2016 has been recognized by BID Group in its 2019 BID Annual Quality Award to hold on Monday September 23, 2019. The president of the firm, Victor Eshameh received the good news on Wednesday July 3, 2019. In a congratulatory meeting with…
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Poetic Regime is an international poetic movement; the largest and widest reached annual showcase of words and poets introduced by Giftedminds Writers Firm. Giftedminds Writers Firm is delighted to present Poetic Regime Nigeria. The concert is open to any writer or poet above the age of 15. Poetic Regime is a day concert of top-notch…
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Top 50 Companies and Organizations in Nigeria and their contact address

50 Companies and Organizations in Nigeria and their contact address Nigeria is a middle-income, mixed economy and emerging market, with expanding manufacturing, financial, service, communications, technology and entertainment sectors. It is ranked as the 27th-largest economy in the world in terms of nominal GDP, and the 22nd-largest in terms of purchasing power parity. (Wiki 2019)…
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