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Time in a mirror

“Time in a mirror” is a poem about seasons and changes that comes with it. White-tip mountains, majestic, stand tall.Images of trees, reflections of clouds in blue.Birds in flight look down to see years gone by,years still to see.Leaves of green, brown, yellow, and red,reflect as they float to their winter bed.Footprints in the snow…
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Why did humans begin eating meat?

It should have felt unnatural at first, to consume animal flesh. We’re not so far eliminated from animals ourselves. Maybe it even felt cannibalistic. There might not have actually been that much intellectual difference in between humans and other animals. When human beings were pure vegetarians, they were living in consistency with the earth and…
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Yet another day passes. Over hills, twilight presses. Moon already hung up high, Welcoming nightfall. Birds flying up to their nests, Chirping time to rest. Time for peace and stillness, Time to restore our minds and bodies. As all fades into night, A hollow of an absence of light. Only twinkling lights of stars, Sparkling…
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Really big animals on earth

Are there really big animals on earth? What are the biggest animals on earth? Where do the biggest animals on earth live? What is the biggest animals on earth? There are really big animals on earth both on land and in water. The biggest of them all resides in the water and enjoys several fresh…
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Why does wolves and dogs look so much alike?

From a distance you might not be able to tell a wolf from a dog. Wolves look very much like some dogs, such as German shepherds. The main difference is size. Wolves are bigger. They can be 6 feet (2 meters) long and weigh 200 pounds (90 kilograms). Wolves and dogs come from a common ancestor. Dogs were tamed…
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You can see still see blue whales, giant pandas, and tigers. But these animals are in danger of becoming extinct. There aren’t many of them left. Blue whales, giant pandas, and tigers are some of the endangered animals on Earth. There are thousands of others. WHY DO ANIMALS GO EXTINCT? Different kinds of animals have appeared and disappeared…
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Understanding the physiology of cats

The body of a domestic cat is extremely flexible; its skeleton contains more than 230 bones (the human skeleton, although much larger, contains 206 bones), and its pelvis and shoulders are more loosely attached to its spine than in most other quadrupeds. The cat’s great leaping ability and speed are due in part to its…
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Portrait of fall by Alora M. Knight

Throughout our world’s creation
You will ever find it thus,
Kaleidoscopes of color,
In God’s hand, the artist’s brush.

Why are male birds brighter than female?

WHY IS A MALE BIRD BRIGHTER THAN A FEMALE? Why male birds are brighter than the female birds is similar to why flowers comes in different colors. But this time it is about birds. One reason the male bird has brighter colors than a female is that they help to attract the female during the…
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What makes dog go mad?

Dogs go mad because of rabies, a viral infection. This virus infects the brain and the spinal cord. Rabies does infect not only dogs, it infects many other warm-blooded animals as well. Dogs are the only animal that can spread this deadly disease to man through bite. A bite causes the virus in the dog’s…
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Why is the lion so called the king of the jungle?

Throughout history, the lion has been considered the symbol of strength. In courts all over the world, the lion was used on shields and crests and banners to indicate power. Even the biblical Jesus was called ‘the lion of the tribe of Judah’.   The lion’s voice is called a growl, preferably a roar. The…
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It is easy to assess the speed of horses and people in races because there is a start and a finish line, but it is much harder to measure the speed of a bird in flight. Many figures have been published about the speed in flight of various birds but most authorities doubt these statistics.…
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3 Lion King Songs We Cannot Forget In A Hurry

The Lion King is a 2019 American musical film directed and produced by Jon Favreau, written by Jeff Nathanson, and produced by Walt Disney Pictures. Aside from the uniqueness of the story-line, there are several other reasons Lion King will last longer in our minds and here are just three out of many others –…
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Do ants sleep?

Queen ants dozily dream, while worker ants are forced to get by taking power naps, the first study of the sleeping habits of ants has revealed. Queen fire ants fall into relatively long, deep sleeps and kip for an average of nine hours every day. By contrast, workers sleep just half as much and get…
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Meet other birds that can talk better than parrot

There are a great number of birds which can be taught to say a few words. But the real ‘talking birds’ can be taught to say long sentences. The best talking birds are parrots, mynas, crows, ravens, jackdaws, and certain jays. According to experts, the best bird talkers in the world are the African parrot…
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Joys of nature

Tears flowed from my eyes
Love was filled all over the place
I had to farewell with a heavy heart

The element of surprise

I can be started with just a tiny spark, But beware I might go beyond my mark. As I continue to grow it gets difficult to stop me! I create terror and spread havoc among all Burning everything from big to small; Every plant and every tree. I’m difficult to control, But I burn in…
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Red bird of winter

Every morning you call to me. Long after the leaves have fallen, you still come to perch on thorny branches. Today your song is a reproach: tsk, tsk. I couldn’t sleep again. I rise from bed, my hip aching and watch you pick your way, through frozen tufts of grass. Your red does not fade.…
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Soft comes the hush of eventide And songbirds hide In limbs of budded trees To bid farewell to setting sun With lullabies they’ve sung Each night for centuries. A lark is winging swiftly home – Black dot alone – Beneath auroral clouds. All nature makes a homeward rush As twilight’s rosy blush The eyes of…
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Rainbow bridge

I looked to the meadows with tears in my eyes,
The memories were flowing with such a surprise.

The magic in the moment

They swirled, turned and swept me
Off my feet
Dodging and scooping
The magic in the moment

A beautiful fall

The leaves are changing and so is the weather It’s time to put away the shorts and put on the sweater Halloween is near and Thanksgiving is coming My favorite time of year this is becoming ‘Tis the season of pumpkin and apple An ordinary time for loved ones to meet at the chapel I…
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My love for nature

And when the sun is gone, I love the moon that shines so bright,
I love the sounds of crickets and other creatures of the night.

A pink rose

Its petals are as pink as the color of strawberry ice cream.
As soft as a baby bird’s feather.
It smells of sweet perfume,
And the scent of clean clothes.

The Queen of the Night

Precious wonder under the calm moonlight
You are the gracious Queen of the Night

Someday a mountain

I’m going to be a mountain someday and just stand all the time stalwart and mighty collecting crystal’s from heaven and dispersing them ever so gently kindly and impartially to thirsty fields below I will rise to alpine stature I will be a mountain firm and ever a humble beacon a lofty rising peak that…
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Beauty of nature

And when the sun sets, and the moon rises,
Leaving beautiful colours in the sky,
Is what nature is called.

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