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Unleashing the venom

Unleashing the venom I only need a pass To tramp lightly on your behind Turn you over and over with a glimpse Butter you up for breakfast now and later. Only if you will permit me To unleash the desire locked up Will you break the chains? And expect cuddling fair and square. By leaps…
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Change isn’t African Magic

Our government says change begins with me, yet they haven’t given me anything to change into. Just imagine you asking me to stop wearing my old clothes and you didn’t provide me with new ones. Talk is cheap… Change don’t drop from the sky… It is a give and take situation. Just like paying for…
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Broken Record

Love is not worth fighting for; She said.
If your heart has been broken; Why not save your body from bruises.

How to reduce the risk of having stroke

Eating Mediterranean or DASH-style diets, regularly engaging in physical activity and keeping your blood pressure under control can lower your risk of a first-time stroke, according to updated AHA/ASA guideline published in the American Heart Association’s Journal Stroke. The updated guidelines recommend these tips to lower risk of stroke: Eat a Mediterranean or DASH-style diet,…
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Heaven is a girl

  Heaven is a girl. Believe me, we just met today.  © Victor Eshameh I didn’t hear in the news but I saw with my eyes; that an angel fell into our midst uninvited. There was no one to announce her arrival. But there I was right on time parked-by waiting for a miracle. A…
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The 1860s was a time of uncertainty and political unrest in Japan. Finally, in 1868, the situation became so serious that Emperor Mutsuhito took control from the last Shogun (Military Dictator). Mutsuhito became known as the Meiji emperor, and this event is called the ‘Meiji Restoration’. Under the emperor’s authority, Japan embarked on a program…
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How To Keep Your Kids Save During Cold Weather

It’s here again – that time of year when everyone seems to unwittingly pass colds and other illnesses around. As every parent knows, kids can bring germs home from school and share them with the entire family, spreading illness at warp speed. In fact, 60 million school days are missed every year by children nationwide…
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What is the most valuable resource for writers?

“I think the most valuable resource for writing is confidence, since everything from the vagaries of publishing to writing itself can wear you down.” “When you are writing, you are so in your own head that it can be hard to know if the work is brilliant or a failure, but you have to put…
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The most important part of the camel is its hump. When that hump is empty, it loses its firm shape and flops to one side. The purpose of the hump is to serve as a storage place for food. The camel can also take its own water supply along. The camel has three stomachs. It…
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Your “I Don’t Want” Is The Opposite of Your “I Want”.

Your reasons not to be disappointed are reasons for your joy filled season.” – Potentiality Builders Today, I want us to both question how we reason and why we can’t change some things about ourselves, situations and our lives entirely. As human beings that are responsibly blessed, it has been discovered that only a few…
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Daddy You do not do, you do not do Any more, black shoe In which I have lived like a foot For thirty years, poor and white, Barely daring to breathe or Achoo. Daddy, I have had to kill you. You died before I had time— Marble-heavy, a bag full of God, Ghastly statue with…
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Sylvia Plath’s Poems

Plath’s poetry is often associated with the Confessional movement, and compared to the work of poets such as Lowell and fellow student Anne Sexton. Often, her work is singled out for the intense coupling of its violent or disturbed imagery and its playful use of alliteration and rhyme. At the age of eleven Sylvia Plath…
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Where was the Silk Road?

The Silk Road was a group of ancient trade routes that connected China and Europe. The Silk Road flourished primarily from 100BCE to AD1500. The route stretched across about 8,050km of mountains and deserts in central Asia and the Middle East between eastern China and the Mediterranean Sea. The Silk Road got its name from…
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Where did the salt march take place?

In 1930, Gandhi led hundreds of followers on a 386-km march across India to the sea, where they made salt from saltwater. This was a protest against the Salt Acts, which made it a crime to possess salt not bought from the government. Mohandas Gandhi (1869 – 1948), known as Mahatma Gandhi, as one of…
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The Sad Truth

The chaotic noise inside the class, The live chit chat that every group has. Yes, another semester is at hand, Another great year is about to land. Friends hug like there’s no tomorrow, Happiness is in, no more sorrow. I see new people walk inside the room, New batches of friends are about to bloom.…
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Tonight I Can Write The Saddest Lines

Tonight I can write the saddest lines. Write, for example, ‘The night is shattered and the blue stars shiver in the distance.’ The night wind revolves in the sky and sings. Tonight I can write the saddest lines. I loved her, and sometimes she loved me too. Through nights like this one I held her…
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The Girl In The Corner

There is a girl who sits in the corner. Her heart is crying out. There are people all around her, But no one seems to hear her shout. Her life was once happy, Full of love and care. She was always laughing. There was always someone there, But now her life seems empty. What’s missing,…
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What should I do after I have failed?

What should I do after I have failed? This is hard! I mean it is emotionally and societally hard to live again after failing. Sometimes, we get this feeling of something hanging right there in the throat, choking and squeezing the breath out of us. Our society hates failure and so there is no room…
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The Wicked Path Of Destiny – The Death Of Mankind

I walk the face of earth once more, a mindless puppet; my strings are torn. The creaky bones, the bad eyesight, yet the chance to turn wrong to right. Wars-a-waging, old man’s guilt, the world’s now on more then just a tilt. Parents weeping, children slain, bloody thoughts, fear will reign. I look in the…
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Black sold black Black scold black Too many lies, black told black Moving forward in life, black hold back Black hates black Black don’t rates black Black underates black Even some black don’t wanna see some black people date black Black beat black Black hit black Black cheat black Black maltreat black Black kill black?…
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Responsible Living: Live to Fulfill Your Potential: Uncover

Life Changing Principles to Living a Responsible Life! It is obvious that we are living in a world that is being challenged than ever! Our co-existence has never been challenged like this and these challenges don’t arise from somewhere else, they are products of what we (you and I) don’t do at all or do…
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When the Lights Go Down | Liam Callanan

So it was strange, really, that he wasn’t wearing a wedding ring. Perhaps he was gay? Which was fine. For him. She knew people had wondered as much of her: all those years, unmarried. But she wasn’t gay. She was hard to please… Rita Loomis had fallen asleep at her own retirement party. Her colleague…
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OH GATHER the thoughts of your early years, gather them as they flow, for all unmarked in those thoughts appears the path where you soon must go. ALSO READ: Broken Soul full many a dream will wither away, and Springtide hues are brief, but the lines are there of the autumn day, like the skeleton…
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Have You Been Questioning The Status Quo?

Until we deviate from crowd mentality, that is when we will be creating a new reality.” – Jude Abaga As a people living for relevance, I am certain of it that we aware of how important it is for us to know that there are some things we have to interrogate their status, situation and…
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The Passengers View

Character hidden behind windscreen, personality still remains an embodiment of mysteries Questions can not reveal a wave of character Having ignored the limitation of myopia Sees better than any and leads us further This is no barrier My talent has no controversy concealing the flaws Leaving it for the work of mind Making do with…
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POEM: My Father Is My Enemy

My father is my enemy is a poem that discusses the pain of having a careless man as a father. The poet shares a lot of painful memory of times and cloudy moments of life due to a father that never there. If this is who you really are, then I want you far… If…
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How to develop your will to conquer

Will is what gives you the power to rise, to visualise, to conquer. It is from your will that you will discover that there is nothing that will offer you cheap rewards;

Pain, Heartache, And Loneliness

Slowly I feel myself breaking. My knees feel weak; it seems I’m shaking. My arms are tired and my legs feel numb. My mind in a haywire and I want to run. Stress is building, tears still fall. My lonely nights I lay Staring at these blank walls. Hopeless sleep with no means to an…
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Every day we read of warfare, slavery and crimes in the news Where guiltless people fall prey We view shooting, kidnapping, and civil unrest Yet our fingers we cross Blames is all our mouth could render How many of you would give to the God you don’t see? But neglect the man that you see…
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The Devil Drinks Alcohol

Behind those eyes, who would see the pain that lies inside, secrets she only wish she could deny. But don’t runaway little girl, don’t runaway. When she feels the world doesn’t care, trying to hide beneath her hair, wondering is she could just disappear. But don’t runaway little girl, don’t runaway. Yelling and screaming around…
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