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Have you ever looked back in your life and felt as though you have been living without reasonable fruits, impact or growth? Sometimes, you get exasperated when you recall for how long you have been hustling. Truth be told, everyone has experienced this kind of pressure in life.

I wouldn’t like to bore you with the challenges of being human, living in the universe of uncertainty and being faced with imperious inequality and injustice. Let’s hit the hammer right on the nail – life is full of hurdles. Challenges are inevitable. Everyone has a battle, a war to fight. We all have our individual task, assignment, purpose which calls for fulfilment.

Life is a race. It is not a race in terms of colour, historical background or biological makeup. It is not a race in terms of a sporting track event or a competitive fitness occupation.

Life is an individual asset. It is the most important and essential need/requirement to attain your other desires. It is only those who are alive that desire a prosperous life, the dead don’t think through prosperity.

Life is a blank note. It is in all emptiness brand new, unused and fresh. Everyone was born without a language, a name, age, profession, behaviour among others. We make our choices when we are born. The only features we were given along birth were movement, and other senses (talent inclusive).

What is the earth we live in?

Having understood life, what then is the earth we live in? The earth is one big space with so much opportunity and many untapped resources. There are several things discovered, but scientists believe there are more yet to be uncovered.

The earth was without form during its creation. The scriptures made us understand that God within six days structured the earth before the creation of man. The scriptures also revealed that God created a specific garden for man where all that man needed was readily made available. But man sinned and was pushed out of the already made world to face the world which is yet to be tended. The scriptures also made known that after this event, man has been made to toil the earth.

The earth is a track for the race of life. Life is a race; the earth is its track. Once you are out of the race, you will no longer have a place on the track. A poet once sang, ‘no matter how long we live, everyone has to die.’

Living on earth

Just like in athletics, we have to come prepared to face life every single day. We have to bear in mind that every single day counts. You cannot afford to go to bed at the end of working hours without meeting your set goals for the day.

Every athlete develops tactics for every next game. Every winner comes back prepared and very much ready to win again. The same with every loser; they return to the track with a new strategy to become the best version of their previous race.

A 1500-meter race runner understands what is required to win such race. A sprint racer understands the required practices to help boost his/her strength ahead of the race. These two runners do not rely on the same exercise. Though their tasks might be similar, their journey isn’t the same. One has to run farther to achieve his goal while the other needs more speed to cover the short distance victoriously.

Regardless of how similar your dream or goal is with any other individual, you need to understand that your requirements for success are far wide apart. You don’t have to study in the same school, get the same degree, live in the same town or come from the same home or hometown to be like your mentor or friend. Equally, you don’t have to make the same mistakes or live the same life. We are all individual; every one of us with our individual body, senses and prospects.

In the race of life when you have been set on your track (owing to birth) – with or without preparation, with or without a silver spoon – you are never sure of how long you are expected to run the race. You don’t have a clue of the distance you are expected to cover and the speed required. This is one of the reasons people falter in life.




There is a popular saying about life as a race; ‘The race of life is not for the fittest nor bravest but for the prepared.’ So I ask you this day, how prepared have you been and how far have you covered?

The race of life is for no particular kind of person. It is for the blind, the cripple, the lame, short or tall, fat or slim, light skin or dark skin. This race does not seek your permission to get started and doesn’t need your permission to end. Achieving success in life is not dependent on your background (academic or family) and does not pay attention to your cries but your works.

Success in the race of life is not about when you were born, where you were born or how you were brought forth. It is not about how soon you become a success or how much funds you have stored in your bank account. Success in the race of life is determined by how well we end the race. No matter how long it takes to get to the finish line, there is always a finish line in a race.

Many fail in life not because they do not understand that there is a race starring right into their eyes. The greatest challenge for many has been how to get started. Some have started, yet they are failing. They probably aren’t running on their track. You can’t win a race running on another athlete’s track.

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