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Nothing is too much to possess. You can always have all you need if you apply the following:

  • Diligence (a combination of carefulness and long-term effort)
  • Attentiveness (noticing, watching and listening, that’s, observation)
  • Discipline (self-control)

Yes, with these you can achieve and acquire all you need, but not all your wants.

Humans are made (objective) to fulfill certain desires. Our desires becomes our wants. Our wants lead us to work. We work very hard to meet our immediate wants in order to prevent societal shames. Our immediate wants becomes our need.

This therefore implies that our needs are just a fraction of our wants. It is therefore an act of greed and lack of focus to neglect needs for your wants.

Life is in phases, sizes, and shapes. It has often been compared to a ladder; taking step one at a time is safer and faster than the otherwise.

I’m sorry to disappoint you, you can’t get your wants. Wants never end. They are always coming in phases, sizes and shapes. Sometimes, they also come in colors, and prices and can never be exhausted.

No matter what’s happening around you, staying focus and applying the dad formula above. The formula above DADDiligence, Attentiveness and Discipline, is the smartest way to getting your needs met.

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