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The fate of sexual harassment offenders in Ghana

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The fate of sexual harassment offenders in Ghana

sexual harassment

Sexual harassment which can either be through spoken words or actions is considered an unethical practice in workplaces and schools around the world.

Several developed and developing nations of the world have designed a system to care for and bring to justice sexual harassment offenders.

Here we take a look at what is obtainable in Ghana.

Ghana, a country in the western part of Africa is largely populated by blacks and a number of white investors, tourists and wellwishers.

Ghana currently enjoys a good number of foreigners within its geographical location due to its economy, financial value and educational quality amongst its counterparts.

Regardless of the large population of workers and students in the country, Ghana does not consider sexual harassment as a crime.

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A Ghanaian Lawyer, Leslie Fiadoyor revealed this has revealed this while on a television program.

Fiadoyor explained that there are other ways in which a sexual harassment case can be fought to a winning conclusion in Ghana.

He revealed that “An aspect of sexual harassment which involves forced bodily contact in a sexual way, can ripen into indecent assault per the laws of the land.

“In addition to the criminal aspect, what people don’t know is that there is also a civil aspect to any conduct so you can actually sue such a person and you will get what lawyers call damages or monetary compensation for the assault perpetrated against you.” He made known.

The lawyer sharing this insight on the Girl Vibes Show noted that the only crime that is closer to sexual harassment is indecent assault.

He added that sexual harassment offenders are liable to face at least six months of imprisonment when found guilty of this act.

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