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Do you know that there are different types of wealth in the world?

Do you know that there are different types of wealth in the world?

This also determines the security of the wealth and personality involved. I will take you through some personally selected wealth list.

  1. Sufficient wealth
  2. Excess wealth
  3. Fast and steady wealth
  4. Fast and furious wealth
  5. Extreme wealth

A man with sufficient wealth sees himself as belonging to the low class or the middle class in the society. This depends on his mind set. He has a roof over his head, a family and they eat accordingly with no fear or limited fear of robbery and assassination.

A man with the excess wealth sees himself as the richest in the society, but cannot account for his wealth. The society is however not well informed about the ways in which the man with the excess wealth was able to accumulate his superb riches and power. The world does not recognize such a man with the excess wealth. He is only recognized by the people of his street, his friends, associates, and family members. He definitely has no fears with the street or robbers, but his life might be threatened by assassins.

A man with the fast and steady wealth inherited most of his fortune from his parents or extended family. He is however careful enough and so invested the money or power properly. Though, he got the wealth as quick as possible. He understands the need to reinvest the wealth acquired. This acquired wealth continues to generate income constantly making such a man a fast and steady high flier.

A man with the fast and furious wealth also inherited such wealth but exploit such inheritance in a different way. Unlike the other, he does not invest wisely and continue to need financial and power support. He spends as it arrives and has no reasonable savings.

A man with the extreme wealth is the utmost among the wealthy personalities. He has what it takes to keep his cash-flow stable. They acquire this wealth by all means. Like the excess wealth owner, sometime it is hard to tell the source of their fortune. But despite this uncertainty, he has built for himself an empire that which his wealth can be based upon. For example, Arab Princes, Bill Gate, Dangote (Nigeria), and others in the present global generation.

You might now wonder the importance of understanding oneself to the attainment of peace here on earth.

We will discuss this together with five various points in the next post which I believe goes a long way to tell you more about yourself and generating self happiness

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