The Problem

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The Problem

How much longer can I take,
Constantly trying not to break,
It goes on and on–day by day,
Another piece of me chiseled away.

Called names like ugly, strange and fat,
How am I meant to put up with that?
Why is this happening to me,
I ask you nicely–set me free!

My pillow is soaking with all my tears,
School always gives me fears.
The girls and boys scream and shout,
In this cage of worries–let me out.

I beg for all this hurt to stop.
I feel like I’m falling like a raindrop.
I don’t think I can take much more,
0 to me 1 to you–that’s the score.

I want to go, I want to leave.
Let me go, please, oh please.
Do you agree life’s one big con?
Please don’t look for me when I’m gone

© Hayden Lee

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