The use of sniper to cure depression

The trending cure for depression in Nigeria

It is obvious that many people are depressed in Nigeria, and some have lost their lives to thinking. Currently, it seems the younger Nigerians are swimming in the deep ocean of depression than any other; and many have given in to suicide as the escape from depression.

Within six months of 2019, Nigerian youths are either going insane or committing suicide (by hanging or taking poisonous substance). However, the trending cure for depression is now sniper.

The death of a 300 level student of University of Benin has been announced. She is believed to have chosen sniper as a means to end her depression. 300 level uniben student commit suicide Reports has it that: the girl who identified as Christabel Buoro, took substances believed to be snipper on Tuesday at her off-campus hostel at Ekosodin community.

Contrary to the wide spread rumour that she committed suicide because of a sad ending relationship, an old friend of hers as this to say: “I can boldly say her death has nothing to do with heartbreak. Christy has been secretly dealing with depression, she doesn’t talk she is the secretive type. But she had once attempted suicide in 100-level by taking overdose paracetamol after she was ‘raped’.”

The question we should ask ourselves right now is, who is next? Not less than 10 deaths of depression has been recorded, while there are someone who after taking sniper were so lucky to find a second chance to live again. Christy wasn’t lucky to have a second chance.