Ilorin - Kwara state, Nigeria


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I believe in charity; void of tribalism

I believe in giving to as many as are in need

I believe; all humans are one and created by God

I believe children are the future and leaders of tomorrow

I believe in one humanity

I believe in the dignity of all man and woman

I believe in love

What do you believe?


Charity cries out loud in daylight

When all can see it

And at night

For all to think and dream of it

Is it wise to postpone the days?


That we shall do good deeds tomorrow?

When our community cries out in the deepest of pains


Are you going to sit there and watch?

Watch your community wash away like the soil


It was handed over to you by your fathers

Who passionately fought to retain its glory by might and blood

What will you hand over to your sons and daughters when your days are ripe

What would be their fate?

In a community you were not man enough to save

Think about it!


By Victor Eshameh

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