‘This hood called adulthood’ is a poetry about growing to become an adult.

The poet believes this is the last and final stage of every man. He pointed out the every child desire to become an adult not understanding the implications within.

It doesn’t add up

How I became an adult

Without my profound consent

How I got sentenced to such a life

That there aren’t enough sentences to explain

This hood called adulthood

Used to be a place I long to be

Thoughts of growing big and becoming

These were all I dreamt and aspired

But not until I joined the hood

Adulthood, just a street away

From those days when we were children

When all we wanted was to eat, laugh and play

We could almost get anything we wanted

From uncles and aunties we billed without knowing their pain

I remember those days when it was okay

Okay to play in the rain and in the mud

The days of ‘police and thief’ and ‘after round one’

The days when it cost nothing to own a mansion of clay

The days when we were young, creative and without shame

This hood called adulthood

Shame litters the street from door to door

Boys aren’t sleeping, girls aren’t smiling, babies keep crying

Nothing prepares you for this stage of life

Experience doesn’t matter, determination is all you need