Intro: Your self-esteem; how much you feel about yourself and how much you like and value yourself determines your happiness more than any other single factor.

Hold up right there:

I need a beat

Even if it is a heartbeat

I need to drop some vibes

I don’t mind you vibrating

Something rings in my mind

Waiting for me to pick up

But my heart is pre-occupied

Right now I need some space

Sounds like an eviction

I am doing some cleansing

Grinding bad energy to death

Deeping myself in the pool of blood

Of Jesus

I’ve got a confession, laying in my mind

I am sick and tired of seeking and trying

Try to pay attention at all cost

To my determination and intentions

Feel free to examine me with your scale of preference

But you should listen to my heartbeats first

In there lies a royal carnival parade

Kings don’t get ruled, they rule

I rule, kinging is my occupation

Poetress Tarrish:

You will come in and see a note on the coffee table that says ‘I’ve missed you meet me on top of the balcony’. You’ll find me on top in your favourite colour royal blue, blending in with the dark sky stars among us, shooting across the sky the 4th of July this firecracker, heartbeat exploding inside of me as you touch my left cheek, to pull me closely say you love me, let every breathtaking moment remind me to cherish this…

I want to remember your scent as heaven welcomes us several decades from now… Remember the arches in my feet, the softness in my voice when I say your name… the tenderness in our love… a hard see you later but the pleasure of being able to fall in love again if reincarnated. I’ll go through it all if I get to love you, a time machine loves each time better than before.

“This is my confession was written by Eshameh Victor featuring Poetess Tarrish.