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Tips on how to keep a healthy hair

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1. Brush your hair before you wash them

Detangling your hair before your shower helps in keeping them strong. Wet hair tends to be more vulnerable to breakage, so combing is a good way to minimise hair loss. Also, an added benefit is that brushing dry hair helps in distributing natural scalp oils all the way to your roots.

2. Condition your hair the right way

Dry and frizzy hair especially needs proper conditioning. Go for a small, coin-sized drop of conditioner if you have short or medium hair. Your scalp needs to be hydrated too, so make sure you work your way up from mid-shaft and ends to the scalp. Leave the conditioner on for a minute before rinsing.

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3. Use hair masks

A deep conditioning hair-pack helps in improving the quality of your hair. You can choose from a variety of options available in the market. Depending on your hair texture, you can make a customised hair pack at home too.

4. Check key ingredients of your hair products.

Opt for products that are paraben-free, and contain more of coconut oil, aloe, or Argan oil. These key ingredients aren’t harsh and help in strengthening your hair. Inorganic ingredients, on the other hand, tend to damage your tresses in the long run.

5. Make sure your diet is balanced

Protein is exceptionally known to be an important nutrient for a healthy hair growth. It’s found in abundance in eggs, chickens, fish and pulses. Another essential nutrient is vitamin E, which helps in providing moisture to your hair. Nuts, seeds, green, leafy vegetables are naturally rich in vitamin E. You can also go for capsules that are easily available in the market.

6. Meditate

If you’re stressed out, the manifestations are shown on your skin. Your scalp is no exception. So breathe in through your nose, and release from your mouth, and repeat. Deep breathing acts as a natural remedy for hair thinning too.

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7. Wash your hair with cold water

A hot shower everyday tends to leave your scalp dry and flaky. It also weakens your hair and robs it of natural moisture. Make sure you rinse your hair with low-temperature water. It makes your hair shinier and smoother by shutting the cuticle (outer protective layer of your hair).

8. Protect your hair from UV rays

Using hair-styling machines frequently means that your hair is exposed to UV rays that damage them. They tend to take away all the proteins, affecting your hair’s texture. Go for hair sunblocks that shield your hair to keep them soft and healthy.

9. Use a silk pillow

Ditch your cotton pillow covers and go for silk ones. Los Angeles-based celebrity hair stylist Sunnie Brook suggests securing your hair loosely with a silk scrunchie to control your tresses at night. This tends to reduce hairfall, that otherwise arises due to friction between your hair and fabric.


Source: AsianAge

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