“Toasting an African lady” is a poem written by Victor Eshameh. The 2019 poem is a love rendition that expresses the desire of a lover to his beloved. The poet demonstrated what toasting a lady is in some parts of Nigeria. He used pidgin English to express most of his points as would the youth. Enjoy the love rendition.

magnum opus

Hello bae,
Shey be you say you be Gladys
You suppose dey gladden my heart na
Why you con dey do like this?

I give you each piece of my heart with peace
Take you to Paris
On a ship cruise to the Bahamas
I hope say you grab this

Every weekend is shopping in Dubai
Breakfast in bed,
Romance on the beach
What more does your heart want?

I be zero budget spender
I no dey safe for the bank
You fit ask google
Na we dey paint the town

You can come to my rescue
Meet me in my restroom
Forget the next, take a rest
You are hanging out with the best

I hear say you got a boyfriend wey get carrier
Omo, his carrier cannot carry you
No wonder he makes you cry
Shey be I tell you before
With me you no go fit fall

Hello bae
Shey be you say you be Gladys
Why you con dey do like this
Oya come gladden my heart like this

2019 © Victor Eshameh