Tomorrow when I wake up
I’m gonna need a shake-up
Cause I’ve had a little break-up
And there’s nothing I wanna take up
O’ Love

Well my soul will need some cleaning
Now that life has lost its meaning
When all I needed was a little love
And a shoulder for some leaning
O’ Love
O’ Love, look what you’ve made me do

Is there a hope that I can borrow
When I’m drowning in my sorrow?
Just a little light and a little smile
Should get me by tomorrow

Now there’s no reverting
To the state where I was flirting
When the pain is reasserting
Only to leave my heart more hurting

This is the end of my dreaming
I’ll sleep after screaming
That the sun has disappeared
And the moon has now stopped gleaming
O’ Love
O’ Love, look what you’ve made of me
O’ Love
O’ Love, is there no hope for me?
O’ Love
O’ Love
Love, love, love, love
Love, love, love, love

Poet: Frank Solanki