If our life is easy, it is because we are called to a lesser purpose.” – Rick Joyner

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Kechi Okwuchi

Relying on what we are seeing or hearing from happenings from afar, I believe you will agree with me that the number of people groaning in pain is enormous than the number of those turning that pain to gain. Perhaps, there is no victory in any unpleasant experience that you can’t use to strengthens yourself.

In life, we all have to experience pain at one time or the other because we have to keep being stronger, we have to be expanding our reach, and our lives have to be transformed. All these are products of either what we learned when we are hurt or what we apply to our lives by navigating from our ways of doing things, which don’t earn us expected rewards.

The message today is that that pain is yours to turn to gain. That discomfort is yours to help you make a discovery. That thing that is appearing formless to you is for you to reveal its true shape to you. That thing you are perceiving as weakness is holding every opportunity to empower you and strengthens you! As someone once said, “Every problem in your life carries a gift inside it.”

It is that gift I want you to uncover from your pain, anguish and suffering. It is that motivation that I want you to find by realising that your pain is something you can’t do without when it happens, but your rewards from it are based on the choice you are making through it. David Niven concluded that: “Our self-motivation suffers most from how we choose to see the circumstances in our lives.”

That’s it! That thing causing you pain is not what will tell your story, it is your choice to make on how you want your story to be told. And how your story will be told is based on how motivated you are to live up to what challenge you. That pain wouldn’t come out and boast that it has defeated your weakness. It is you that have the might to tell your story by sharing your testimony. Remember, what makes you stronger don’t come easily.

Every life challenges doesn’t define a person; it only changes a person by revealing the true definition of his strength to him. It is that your true definition that you have to champion during the time you are feeling that pain, during the time you feel you have been knocked down, during the time that everything seems not to be on your side.

Robert Taylor, from his own side concluded that challenges are what make us to be more powerful. He submitted that: “Only challenge causes growth. Only challenge will test our skills and make us better. Only challenge and the self-motivation to engage in the challenge will transform us. Every challenge we face is an opportunity to create a more skillful self.”

The best lives are those lived in transforming their pain to gain. They are the ones lived in turning depression to aspirations. They are the ones lived in facing the storm and winning it. The winners are the ones who are self-motivated by remaining steadfast in battling the challenge in order to be proud of themselves by achieving their pursuits.

Tanitoluwa Adewumi is an eight years old boy, who is homeless; but he is a champion in chess game. Barrack Obama is from one of the most abused races in the world, yet he governed the acclaimed most powerful nation in the world. Ben Carson was solely raised by his mother. Instead of making himself one of the most popular gangsters, he became one of the best neurosurgeons!

Tiger Woods spent several years without winning anything and nearly lose everything he has but only his talent, yet he reposition himself to the league of winners by winning again. Mary Kay lost her husband immediately after she founded her business, but she turn the loss of her husband to gain by motivating herself and that business is one of the globally accepted brands today. Kechi Okwuchi undergo various surgeries for her to be healed of injuries she sustained through air crash. Regardless, she became the winner of American got talent!

It is never too late for you too to turn that scar to star. Time has not gone against you to turn your fumble to favour. There is still time for you to turn that sorrow to joy. You are placed in that land to turn scarcity to surplus. The flaw is in you for you to turn it to flair. That moment you are confused is yours to make a conviction. It is that what you fear that is blocking you from unleashing your strength. It is that stumbling blocks that you have to turn to stepping stones.

No one is ever made to live beneath. It is because they failed to turn adversity to advantage that make their lives pitiable. Adversity has the effect of eliciting talents, which in prosperous circumstances, would have laid dormant,” says, Homer.

Now I believe you have rediscover yourself to leave that pain for somebody else to suffer. Fred Knipe charges: “That is you in your wildest dreams doing the wildest things no one else can do. If you just love and keep those dreams, you will make yourself come true.”

Till next week, I will meet you where you are turning your pain to gain!