Utopia and Unicorn; Two Fictional Words That Are Almost Reality

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The word ‘Utopia’ is used for an imaginary state of perfection. It means ‘a good place’. Utopia symbolizes people’s hopes and dreams. The origin of this word comes from Sir Thomas More’s book “Utopia”. This book was published in 1516, in which he talks about a fictional land which is ideal in every way. Some legends suggested that there are some perfect places in the Atlantic Ocean which live up to the Utopian ideas. But all the legends failed once the western worlds were explored. The Utopia qualities or the parameters of perfection change with time and also vary from society to society and from person to person. What is perfect for one set of people may not be the ideal situation for some others.

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A unicorn is an imaginary animal popular in legends. Long ago, the travelers who made voyages to distant lands brought back strange and fascinating tales. Many such tales were about unicorns. This mythical animal was believed to have the head and bod of a horse, hind legs of an antelope; tail of a lion, and the beard of a goat. All unicorns had a long, twisted horn in the middle of their forehead. This horn was believed to have magical powers to detect poison. But actually this mythical animal never existed; though people are of the opinion that unicorn exist.

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