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Giftedminds Writers Magazine is introducing a rating system for contents on it site. The rating of contents on the site will serve several positive purposes.

By rating the contents you read on our site, you have helped with the following:

  • Vote the best content of the Week.
  • Raised our awareness to poor contents on the magazine
  • Rewarded the writer for his/her time spent writing the content
  • Increased the writer’s ranking among other writers
  • Identify what content should not be published on our magazine

Be assured that your vote counts!

Below is what you will find at the end of each content. All you need to do is click on the numbers of star you wish to give the content and submit. Refresh the page to see the impact of your rating. 

[site_reviews_form title=”Rate this content” assign_to=”post_id” id=”k7sv5sfz” hide=”title,content,name,email,terms”]

[site_reviews_summary title=”Rating” assigned_to=”post_id” schema=”true” hide=”if_empty”]

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