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What are you known for? And,what will you be remembered for? (A tribute to Ibidunni Ighodalo)

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What are you known for? And,what will you be remembered for? (A tribute to Ibidunni Ighodalo)

The key to mortality is to first live a life worth remembering.


During my days as a full-time newspapers’ vendor, I had an encounter with a woman whose impact and influence ignites in me. The encounter sparkled dedicating my living for a meaningful life and fully transformed my perceptions and conceptions about things and events happening around me.

I was marauding the famous Yoruba Road, in the metropolis of Ilorin, to supply one of my customers when I met the woman. The woman just stepped out of a fashion designing shop and promptly challenged me by saying, “How would a small, handsome and prospect like you be selling newspapers? Don’t you think you deserves to commit yourself to something more worthwhile than this?”

Every time I reflect and think about how my life became a process of positive evolution, I always remember that woman. May God bless her soul, wherever she is today!

As I came across my angel by facing the twists and turns of my life, I know certainly that, many people would be trying to remember one or two people, who have been their destiny activators.

It is true that we are all born with traits of champions. The characters and qualities of champions in us begin to manifest on the day we resolve on what our personality. What you will be described as and what we would be known for in life.

This mean that everyone of us must strive to carve a name for ourselves by helping other people overcome their darkness, fertilising the flowers of uniqueness in them to bloom, assisting them in causing and fashioning a reputable and exemplary living and inventing their ingenuity to sprout.

You can’t achieve this if you are still struggling with self discovery. Rajshree Agarwal posited that “Aligning your aspirations (what you love) and abilities (what you are good at) requires conscious thought and effort.”

It is true that you cannot give what you don’t have and we cannot ascertain the weight of what we have until we are ready to put it into use, to help other people solve their problems, to redefine some people’s destiny.

No one is ever created without being assigned a task or tasks, “callings.” What constantly draws the world back is the our failure to fill the void we were meant to fill. People in this shoes fail to question their life and cannot identify something thrilling and fulfilling they can live for.

I concur with the assertion of Robert Flitz that, “When your life itself becomes the subject matter of the creative process, a very different experience of life opens to you—one in which you are involved with life at its very essence.”

It is that quest for the essence of life, when you are at life’s precipice that becomes the hallmarks of advancements in the diverse fields of study, springing the evolution of knowledge and instigating reformation and re-engineering of society.

The words of Plato, in his famous book – The Republic “For what we have received from our ancestors is only a fraction of what we are, or may become,” are the guiding principles of those people who have changed the world to better.

These words came to my mind last weekend, when I heard of the sudden demise of Mrs Ibidunni Ighodalo (Nee Ajayi). Her fervency to live a life that is worthy of emulation and admiration is unmatched!

Though, this beautiful soul may live shortly, but she had achieved what some people cannot achieve in many life times. She was a true reflection of the notion that it is not the years in our life that counts, but the impact, quality, influence.

Ibidunni Ighodalo’s story was that of a star that was carved out of scars. The difficulties she faced before she could become pregnant was second to none. Without bowing to her trials, she undergone “In Vitro Fertilization” – IVF – more than eleven times.

As fate would have it, it was only the eleventh one that matured and she unfortunately and eventually lost it at three month. She wasn’t deterred by her setbacks, she became a beacon of hope to many other people who wants to become pregnant, too.

She discovered what she would be known for by gaining strength in Richard Rohr’s submission that “If you don’t transform your suffering, you will transmit your suffering to your family, your neighbors, even to your country.”

She didnt want other people to face the same challenges and trials. She established a Foundation to assist people who needs help in where she was disappointed more than ten times. With this act, she caused the future stars to rise!

As at the last count, her Foundation had helped more than two hundred and fifty families to undergone IVF, and more than fifty percent were successful.

It was touching to hear that she planned to put smile on the faces of more forty families, in commemoration of her forty years birthday in July. Unfortunately, she lives no more!

As her remains was lowered to the grave on Saturday, 20th of June, 2020, her soul is freed from the burdens of wasteful life. I believe if the departed soul ever looks back, she would be happy for the lives she had touched, for the faces she had put a smile on, the indelible mark she lives behind in the heart of humanity.

“May you live in such a way that your death,” Max Lucado prayed, “is just the beginning of your life.

Think of what will resonate in people’s mind when your name is being mentioned; think of the remarks people will make when they hear about you.

Think of the difference and relevance you can make in other people’s life, so that they can also create their own ladder to lift other people to greatness!

I challenge you today to find something you would be known for and which posterity will celebrate you for.

Sulyman Sodeeq Abdulakeem is a Librarian, Writer who co-authored the book “Responsible Living: Live to Fulfill Your Potential.

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