blur cartography close up concept

I woke this morning asking myself if there are any new things to tell the world that it doesn’t already know?

In science, we have been told several stories about the earth and the rest of the eight planets. They also have a theory for the creation of man; for gravity; electricity; force and effort among many others.

In history, we have been told the genesis of the human race, about kingdoms, wars etc. History has also shed light on the existence of living and non-living things; about mountains, music, culture and tradition, politics etc.

In religion, we have been exposed to the idea of God, salvation, sin and redemption. Religion told us that all have sinned. Religion made us understand there are wrongs and rights. It is in religion we find out that there is Heaven (paradise) and Hell (fire).

In technology, we have been exposed to the signs and wonders of wired and wireless devices; something often referred to as ‘white magic’. Technology gave us cars, phones, internet, and several other electronically connected contents and cases.

blur cartography close up concept
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So, I ask myself, what more does the world need to know about. Just then, I got the answer and a smile brightened my face. The world needs to know about Victor Eshameh – the writer and poet.

Victor Eshameh is a creative content writer in Nigeria. He is a researcher, historian and poet. Besides writing, he likes to travel, listen to music, act and public speaking.

Victor is a gentle and calm being who spends more time thinking about the next topic to address in human life. He enjoys reading books and sharing his thoughts on blogs and other social channels.

He is often perceived as an anti-social due to his calm appearance. However, when he is not busy meditating or writing, he is socializing with friends, family and associates.

Victor has three books to his credit; On Tenterhooks, Midnight Flurry and Melancholy. He equally has two unpublished research papers on ‘Indigenous Textile Industry in Nigeria‘ and ‘Black Lives‘.

He is the creative mind behind ‘Giftedminds Writers Firm‘, ‘Giftedminds Online Magazine‘, ‘Giftedminds Voluntary Enlightenment Program‘, Voices Journal and ‘Hire a Writer‘.