What does true love require?

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What does true love require?

Our popular but late Michael Jackson sang and I quote, “love is magical”, oh yes he is right. But I wish he had stayed a little longer to experience love further, so that he can understand that love is more than the magic.

Love in not the combination of kisses and hugs; because even Jesus was betrayed with a hug and kiss. It is more than the pleasant pleasure of wild romance and the air filled with fragrance of sweet name calling; because Jesus was so loved; a woman once washed his feet with oil and wiped it with her hair. The same Jesus was also called beautiful names such as ‘Messiah’; yet he was made to carry his cross and nailed to it.

So what then is love?

God created the heavens, earth and all other things within and without and God saw that all he created is good (absolutely beautiful). Yet God told Noah to build an ark, save as many as he could, and God destroyed what he created, that which he created – that which he said was beautiful. Do you think God doesn’t love man enough at this time? Hence, here is the lesson: it doesn’t mean that something good at the beginning cannot go sour at a point in time. The question you should ask is this; will true love seek to destroy what he created?

So what then is love?

And God told Abram to go down to Sodom and Gomorrah to rescue Lot’s family, then God destroyed the entire city filled with people he created in his own image. He wiped them all out with fire.

Please don’t forget that God himself is love. This is the same God that created a beautiful garden in Eden and place a man and woman therein so that he can fellowship with them and at a singular mistake, He drove his precious images out of the beautiful home.

Many homes have suffered this same fate. We find husband sending his wife and children out of the house, leaving them to labour hard without any form of help or support. Do you think the man and wife were not in love when they got married? And the fact that they are separated doesn’t mean that love doesn’t exist. God Himself is still with man even after they had been sent out of his garden.

But what then is love?

The purpose of this piece of words  is not to list offenses against God or comparing God and man. I am not here as a judge of the universe; I am only a thinker whose thoughts wandered into the deep things that I have to write about and speak of.

Today I am about to open your heart to reasoning you might have not thought of about love and how God was able to give unto us all a perfect kind of love.

What then is love?

Permit me to say this, man showed God what love could be. And God told Abraham to take his only begotten son, Isaac, to a place where he will sacrifice the young man. And Abraham gave Isaac up unconditionally. This is love!

The proof of love is not in the sweet names you call your spouses, the big and fanciful promises you make, the amount of money you spend, or the romantic evenings and vacations. The proof of love is in the sacrifices you are committed to as you validate your love. God saw this, understanding that there is a perfect way to love. He immediately called His first love era – the Old Testament (for behold, old things are pass away) and then brought the New Testament (behold, he that is in Christ is a new creature). Herein, God gave us his only begotten son. This is why he recommended husband should love their wife as Christ love the church. Believe me, He meant you should be willing to sacrifice as Christ sacrificed for the church.

Permit me to ask you a sincerely silent question, what are you willing to sacrifice to see that your home, family, and loved ones are together and happy.

Sacrifice is not just about what the man can give up but what the woman can absorb. Even though God sees the present day evil and societal ills, he would have destroyed the earth just once more either by water, fire or maybe this time by thunder; but a sacrifice has covered for all the wrongs.

This is what I call true love – the love that endures and ensures; the love that understands and stands out. Nothing else is greater than a love that comes with the will to sacrifice.

True love requires true sacrifices – are you ready?

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