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What Drives You!

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What Drives You!

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Life is all about your conviction not your condition. With clear vision and mission, you will be guaranteed pure attention with no need for introduction.” – Owodunni Rasheed

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Apology for the pattern the heading appears today.

I think, some people may be assuming it should be “what is driving you?” But so far the case, we choose to use drives – a simple present verb – over driving – as present continuous verb. Extensive research reveals to us that it also goes like that; even if our preposition for it is to show the nexus between being anticipated, being proactive and being reactive. Thank God, our heading comports with the rule of concord.


What drives you? What motivates you? What’s the reason for your living? What purpose is existing in you? What’s the passion flaming in your nerves? What’s the thing that refreshes your enthusiasm when you hears about it? What is the thing you think you can do for yourself in life? What is the thing that puzzles you that you have to fathom? What is the uniqueness of yours that makes you? What is that thing that makes you pursue the essence of life?

What drives you gives you the essence of life. It gives you reasons to pursue your worth. It makes you see things in ways no one else can see it. It helps you beautify your life. It nourishes and energizes you. It inspires you. It makes your life more meaningful if you can design a clear cut purpose from it.

It serves as the premise for everything you are doing. It is the first point of call of your life. It helps you discover yourself. It reveals your true identity to you. It lets you determine your values and worth. It flashes to you the purpose God thrust in you. It gives you the introspection of what lies ahead of you when you project your future. It is the fuel inflaming your purpose. It oils and greases what you desire to be in your life.

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You want to know my drives? Maybe when that girl told me to concentrate on my education and search for my lost worth – though that’s not my drives; my drives would be revealed in my upcoming book titled: Power of Willingness. Or your own drives maybe when one of your relatives underrated you that you can’t fit in. It maybe when your class teacher or as usual as our school authority normally advises students to be withdrawn from school. It may be anything!

The fact about it is that it is a single thing that reveals many things to you. It is one thing that makes you quest for proving many things wrong. It is that thing that gives you happiness the more you are breaking barriers associated with it. It is something that makes you a champion. It makes you a victor. It makes you conquer the world. It is one thing that when you remember, it flashes your memory to consciousness. It is something that nearly robs you of your self esteem.

It is something that is provoking and depressing when you are experiencing it. But if you live up to it, you will have reasons to gratify those that make you discover your worth. Potentiality Builders says: “We are not born to live in shadow of the past; we are born to make a vision for the future.”

I want you to do a favour for yourself and the people around you: ask yourself what is that thing that makes you look weak when it happened but you consciously realised you can be great in it? What is the thing that bleak your future but you later get fascinated with life from it? That’s your drives. That’s what lightens your world. That’s where your energy splurges. That’s where you are being supplied unlimited motivation and inspiration. That’s what illuminates your raison d’etre!

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I am sure, if Nduka Obaigbena sees Major General Ibrahim Babangida (Rtd.) today, he would appreciate and thank him for devaluing the Naira because that was where he got strengthened, groomed and shaped. I know if Ben Carson can talk to his father today, he would appreciate him for abandoning them so that he, his brother and their mother can weather the storm alone. If Kechi Okwuchi can connect with nature today, she would appreciate it for letting her experienced that aircraft crash, where her purpose what discovered.

Someone once said that: “The purpose of life is to live a life of purpose.” I want to reiterate the point that the true purpose of man is discovered at the time of adversity and from it, he finds his ultimate source of inspiration and strength. Successful and fulfilled people don’t get driven away from life; they were driven in from what should have driven them away.

Till I comes your way next week, I shall meet you thriving and flourishing in your drives.

©️ Sulyman, Sodeeq Abdulakeem

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