what is love

Is it pleasure or pressure to the soul?

The answer to all these questions varies from person to person. In my opinion, it is a feeling that can be expressed vice versa. It is a pleasurable pressure on the soul.

If it is true love, it can give you immense pleasure up to the limit where it starts to hurt. The depth of it is the cause of pressure because one feels liable. True love is also the cause of becoming free; free to be yourself, free of all worries. It is not about possession but appreciation. It’s the acceptance of a lover as a person; as a whole; just the way they are, not trying to change the person as it denotes the half acceptance which is not true love.

To feel the pleasure of love, one must be ready for the vulnerability of the heart. Love is supposed to be the cure of all worries. But it is said that excess of anything is painful; so true for love as well. When one person loves unaccountably and is not loved back accordingly, the hurt is beyond explanation. Your feelings are taken for granted. For you, it might be a matter of choice and not desire. To choose to love by will is thoughtful and a heartfelt decision. You choose pain over pleasure because there is no love without pain and that pain brings you happiness.


There is no perfectionism in real love, but one imperfect person who is perfect for the other. Love is the feeling of unconditional commitment, a judgement and a promise. It is the power given to others to either make or destroy you and when they do, you still love them with the whole of your heart. No matter how much it hurts; you never want to let go. Obviously, you cannot be too sure in love, but knowing that you might be ignored or taken for a ride; you still have to choose to care for your loved one.

No matter how much pressure I am in, I derive pleasure in the state of love I am in. For me, true love is pleasure in giving myself to the person I choose to give away my world.

Smita Singh aka Dharkanein



International Journal of Emotions and Motions

An International Voices Journal

Vol.1, 2019