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What makes the eyeball move?

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The eyes are the body’s window on the world and need special protection. Every second or so the eyelids blink and sweep tear fluid across the eye washing away dust and germs.

Image result for eyeballs hd imagesThere are six muscles to control the movements of each eye. These six muscles perform the following tasks independently:

a. swivels it away from the nose

b. towards the nose

c. rotates it upward

d. downwards

e. moves it down and outwards

f. moves it upwards and outwards.

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All these movements are coordinated in the brain. If the lateral rectus muscle in one eye contracts, the medial rectus of the other will contrast to a similar extent.

The superior recti work together to pull the eyes back and also to look up. The inferior recti make the eyes look down. The superior oblique muscles rotate the eye downwards and outwards and the inferior oblique upwards and outwards.

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