What Positively Makes A Teacher Negatively Makes A Cheater.

…teacher, don’t teach me nonsense.” – Fela Anikulapo Kuti

I think the anecdote of the iconic Afro-Juju musician should be the bedrock for my narrative today. This is because apart from the obvious that both teacher and cheater are made up of the same alphabets appearing at different positions, but for the fact that teacher occupies invaluable position in someone’s life.

Teacher is one of the words that are mostly used in our domain; and the reason for it is because our own is “school oriented”, rather than “training oriented”. This makes us limit the usage of the word to only school or any other thing that has to do with it. Where as, school is only among the place where someone’s future is being groomed, not where it is determined.

Conversely, the roles of teachers are beyond limiting the experiences attached to it to school alone. This is because teachers are individuals, who help you discover yourself, nurture your rhythm and poise, and breed you by impacting principles and values in you.

These roles of teachers make them to be distinctive from cheaters. A cheater is someone that robs you of your worth, take advantage of you and utmostly deprives you of what belongs to you! To them is how to take away from you or kill what is shining in you.

We can’t live without experiencing the two because one is meant for positive roles and the other is meant for negative roles. And how we can cope when the later happens will result in the magnitude of terrains we have surmounted.

Also among teachers, there are differences. As someone once asserted, “A normal teacher teaches you. But a great teacher makes you understand.” Either normal or great, teachers have roles to be played positively in our lives as long as they will make it fulfilling.

Teachers don’t just make us live; they help us make a living, while cheaters are always working to make one’s life miserable. Teachers are the touch bearers, while cheaters are doom makers. Teachers advise you and stay with you, while cheaters will be imposing on you and abandon you. Teachers are your mirrors: cheater obstruse your focus to see what is in the mirror.

Teachers make you strive for fulfillment and excellence, while cheaters invite you to failure and self-pity. Teachers guide you, while cheaters distract you. Teachers help you heightens your purpose and path in life: cheaters darken your worth, path and purpose and make you useless in life.

The purpose for clarifying the distinctions between teachers and cheaters is to counter the beliefs that teachers are only restricted to school environment alone, and to bring into fore, their remarkable impacts. Parents, bosses at places of work, friends, relatives, or any other person that is impacting our lives positively is our teacher because they are orientating, enlightening and influencing us on how we can achieve excellence. And “excellence,” as remarked by Jean Davis, “is not fun, but it can only be achieved in doing what gives you fun.”

If parents are failing to play these roles in their wards, they are cheaters. If friends are failing to support themselves in doing what is fun to themselves to achieve excellence, they are cheaters. If bosses are not guiding their subordinates on how to be fulfilled and leave legacies behind, they are cheaters to them. If parents can’t take time to observe their wards, guide them and impact their lives positively, they are cheaters.

We should stop idolising cheaters as teachers. This is because cheaters are people who have done everything within their reach to be negatively infectious to other people’s lives, instead of being a source of enthusiasm, inspiration and motivation to their living.

Till we meet next week, let’s work to become a better teacher that defeats professional cheater!