Destiny As A Curse?

Destinies are what had been finalised to have control on us. How we responds to destinies are what frames us.” – Potentiality Builders
Life, is something that has to be defined based on the side it turned to you, based on what it offers to you, based on what you have earn from it and based on how you revel in situations that are meant to mar you, but you chose to let them make you!
It is only a few people that have understand that destiny is imminent because it contain situations, events, or things that you have no control on. When any of these happens to those that understood it, they accept it and frame their desire from it.
The mistake most of us always make is we mostly try to change destiny. We can’t change destiny, we can only change what our destiny can do to us. It is when we doesn’t change what it can do to us that we are framed to fate or subject to it. We mostly say “that’s how it was destined to happen.” We won’t see any reason to be Victor, we wallow as victims.
These situations have been designed to come at certain stages of our life. When we fail to respond, they would shaped us, rather than sharpens us. It is only when we are positively responding to things as they comes that we are unveiling the better things that are to be unfolded.
Imagine if Helen Keller had resulted to destiny, she wouldn’t have seen beyond her. If South Africans had been subdued by destiny, apartheid would never end. If Barack Obama was victimised by his destiny, he wouldn’t have become the president of United States.
If Larry Page and Serge Brim doesn’t summoned the courage to maintain their balance against unalloyed situations, who will birth Google? If Alan Sugar had been defeated in the situation, who will turn his generational rags to riches?
These great people replete their purposes for their situations. They discovered their Worth’s from it. They defined their strength from it and they refined themselves from it. They were redeemed and restored from these situations.
I believe by now you should understand the clear differences between you and destiny. Destiny is holding the situations that are projecting what you may becomes; but you are the one that should be in position to make your choice from those situations. If those situations are curses to you, they will fail you. But if you let them be your cures, they sharpens you.

Sulyman Sodeeq A’akeem

© Potentiality Builders