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Who Is Victor Oladipo ‘The Masked Singer?’

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For weeks now, fans have wondered if Pacers star Victor Oladipo is really a contestant on the masked singer. The latest episode of the show only seemed to fuel speculation.

But if Oladipo is in fact on the show, he doesn’t appear to be letting the secret slip anytime soon.

Which begs the question: with a secret this big, is there a chance it will get out?

For many people, secrets can often lead to complications.

According to a 2017 study in the “Journal of Personality and Social Psychology,” the average person is keeping around 13 secrets. At least five of those secrets are something they’ve never told anyone else.

A handful of studies suggests increased secrecy can often be linked with issues like depression and anxiety for the average person.

Outside of Wednesday night’s Pacers game, FOX59 asked fans and Hoosiers how they felt about keeping secrets.

 “It weighs on my shoulders,” Chloe Bultemeyer said. “It just bundles up until it explodes, and I end up spilling it to somebody, most likely a family member, or my boyfriend.”

 “I’m terrible at keeping secrets just because my face says it all,” Brandon Rittle said.

 Most of the people who talked to FOX59 said secrets are a part of life, but how they make you feel depends on what the secret is and what/who the secret is for.

Back to Oladipo…

Beyond the clues and speculation, there hasn’t been any real proof the Pacers star is in fact the “Thingamagig” on “The Masked Singer.” Even if he is, Oladipo certainly would have  an incentive to keep that secret quiet. So until the identity of the “Thingamagig” is actually revealed, “The Masked Singer” will just have to remain a guessing game.

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