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Why are some people left-handed?

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Though it might seem we have more right-handed people in the world, but there are also significant numbers of left-handed persons. Have you ever wondered why they prefer the left-hand more than the right?

In the course of history many of the greatest geniuses have also been left-handed. Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo, the greatest sculptors of all times, were both left-handed.

The brain has a right half and a left and these two do not function in the same way. It is believed that the left half of the brain is predominant over the right half.

As the left half of the brain predominates, the right half of the body is more skilled and better able to do things. We read, write, speak, and work with the left half of our brain. And this, of course, makes most of us right-handed too.

But in the case of left-handed people, it works the other way around. The right half of the brain is predominant, and such a person works best with his left hand side of his body.

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