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flowers and shapes

flowers and shapes

The reason that flowers come in so many different shapes and colours is to help ensure that they are fertilized. Hmm, do you buy that?

Alright, let’s get deeper…

flowers and shapes

A flower is the means by which a plant reproduces. It contains male or female organs or both. Flowers usually have brightly coloured petals or sepals (and perfume) to enable them attract insects. Some plants also go as far as producing sugary liquid called nectar to attract bees.

Hmm… seen like a love story to me already.

Insect play a very important role in pollination of flower. As they fly from flower to flower they transfer the pollen to the stigma of the flower and fertilize it.

flowers and shapes

Flowers that rely on insects for pollination must make sure that the insect is carrying pollen from the same kind of plant. It is the shape of the flower that ensures that only certain kinds of insect can pollinate it.

For instance, flat flowers such as daisies and sunflowers can be visited by hoverflies and some bees.

Flowers that are formed into tubes only attract insects that have long tongues.

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