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Why does skin colour differ?

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Do you know?

Skin develops extra melanin when it is exposed to strong sunlight. Tiny grains are produced in the skin cells and spread to produce an even suntan which helps protect against Sun damage.

Now why does skin colour differ?

In the tissues of the skin there are certain colour bases called chromogens, which are colourless in themselves. When certain ferments or enzymes act on these colour bases, a definite skin colour results.

Human skin itself is creamy white. But to this is added a tinge of yellow, which is due to the presence of a yellow pigment in the skin.

Another colour ingredient found in skin is black, which is due to the presence of tiny granules of a substance called melanin.

Another tone is added to the skin by the red colour of the blood circulating in the tiny vessels of the skin. The colour of an individual’s skin depends on the proportions in which these four colours are combined.

All the skin colours of the human race can be obtained by different combinations of these ingredients which we all have.

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