black SUV parked on grass field


I have asked this same question why does the moon follow us about at night overly as a child. Ever single night the moon finds it way out to glorify itself, it just won’t stick to a particular location. It just want to be everywhere. Those were my thought.

The moon doesn’t look as if it is very far away, but its distance from Earth is about 239,000 miles. It is this great distance that explains why the Moon seems to follow us when we drive in a car, walk around at night and look up at it.

It is only a psychological reaction to feel that the moon is following us about at night.

full moon behind a tree silhouettes

When we speed along a road, we notice that everything moves past us. Trees, houses, fences, the road – they all fly past us in the opposite direction. But when we look at the moon we naturally expect it also to behind us. When this doesn’t happen, we have the sensation that it is following us.


Since we are talking moon right now, let’s consider the eclipse.

Eclipses happen for a brief period when the moon, earth and sun are in line. A lunar eclipse happens when the earth lies between the moon and the sun, blocking off the light to the moon, so that the moon seems to vanish.