You have to know that whether your efforts would manifest in success or otherwise is based on what you initially visualised in your engagement.” – Potentiality Builders

Despite all my efforts to make a difference and change my status, nothing seems working out. I don’t know the reason for being here! I don’t think there is any reason for me being alive than to just experience the days and let them pass bye. I have been trying to figure out what makes these struggles really worth it, but I can’t find one. At this point, I have lost my point of living!” Someone once lamented.

After that stern conversation, I had to sit somewhere and ask myself why do we have to go through whatever encounter we come across in life. My mind, as one of my reliable strengths that has been sharpened from the words of Plato that “The eye cannot be cured without the rest of the body, nor the body without the mind (Charm)” gives me the insight, which today’s talk will be premised on – You have a point to proof.

At the four corners of the world, there are many people going through life battles and those that will shine at the end of every darkness are those who believe that there is point/points for them to make when they become the winner. One philosopher affirmed it that life is a daring adventure or nothing at all. If you think what you are going through doesn’t worth it, then you will have nothing to point to that will attest to it that it worth going through at the end of the day.

That you are going through something means that life is making point on you. But how you dwells, swerves and switches at every point will reveal if you are going to proof a point in the end. For every point life is making on you comes with a life span, the point you are proving is what will make your story to be told endlessly!

For every wall that was erected or built against you has several doors you can open to a new world. Look deep into it and identify the point you have to make from it. For every battle you face nourishes and freshens you towards achieving your purpose. Lean on it and pick out the point that will make you leap! For every disappointment holds appointment on its other side. Reflect on the reason why you are rejected and make a point from it – let it be the reason you deserves to be accepted.

The lives of successful people were products of turnaround at some points they discover they have to stop allowing life to be making a point on them. They changed from focusing on defeats and concentrate on winning. Paulo Coelho in his book The Alchemist points out that: “Winners focus on winning. Losers focus on winners.” Your winnings stem from the points you are making.

Don’t be feeling let down that you have many obstacles obstructing your goals. Be feeling upbeat that those obstacles are what you will use for your vantage that will make you emerge a winner, which draws the attention of losers to be focusing on you. Don’t become nomad or nuisance because you don’t have a house or because you have one deficiency or the other. Everything is yours to make a point from.

Demosthenes, the famous Anthenian statesman and Greek orator is a stutterer. He was abandoned by his guardian because they believed he has nothing to proof. Demosthenes believed he had a point to proof to himself and the world. He started training himself on public speaking by going to the riverside – because of the coolness and ambience of the area. He would pour pebbles into his mouth and start talking in order to test his pace and talk very well.

After training upon trainings, Demosthenes passion was ignited; his gift was honed and he was using his personality to strike a semblance with his potentiality. He started making his point. He was telling whoever he comes across that: “Assuming you have known me in the past few years, you wouldn’t bother listening to hear what I have to say because I can’t speak well.” Demosthenes was proving a point!

As Demosthenes can be proud of what he went through and what he becomes, I believe it is never too late for you too to be proving your point. Kill the fear you are entertaining that is not going to work for you. Filled your mind with hope. Stop going around in self-pity that is stifling your energy and poise. Walks around in self-esteem and humility so that you can subject yourself to discovering point you are meant to make.

Life is truly about significance and the point we make every moment will signify if we have decided to thrive in our defining moments. The points life is making towards making you the one you are is not as important as your points towards making yourself whom you want to be or whom you can be! Any point aside from being excel, successful and fulfilling is not worth making!

Till I comes your way next week, see you where people that are making point sees their choices amounting to greatness.

©️ Sulyman Sodeeq Abdulakeem

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