Young CEO

Young CEO

┬áThe Young CEO – A Poem By Victor Eshameh

I’m on my lane
Gently running the affairs of my life
With a little bit of pause here and there
Family and friends are vital
I can’t forget to remember that

I’m living the dream I created
Gently minding my business
With a little bit of love here and there
From fans and supporters
I just can’t get it wrong

I’m in love with dignity
Perpetually she calls my phone
With a little bit of assurance and care
From the bottom of her beauty heart
I can’t wait to settle down

I’m getting older
Gracefully I observe this magic
With a little bit of physical changes
From head to toe
I can’t tell how come

I’m the CEO
Carefully managing Giftedminds Writers Firm
With a little bit of partners and delegates
From the start to infinity
I can’t suffer from want

I’m just a young man
Drastically getting older
With a lot of skills and experience
From childhood till date
I can’t let go of my dreams

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