unrepentant girl

Your reasons not to be disappointed are reasons for your joy filled season.” – Potentiality Builders

Today, I want us to both question how we reason and why we can’t change some things about ourselves, situations and our lives entirely. As human beings that are responsibly blessed, it has been discovered that only a few portion of us are living to our true purpose in life.

Life is not all about what we want that will just come to us. Rather, it is about what we work on that will manifest in our lives. If you feel you want anything to change in your life, it is good to either change your beliefs about it or your approach towards it.
When we are tired of bad leadership, what would we do? We changed them! We feel our leaders are not responsible enough to be reposing our confidence in them or to be managing our affairs. That’s how it works. But what if it is at individual level, don’t we also think it can happen at personal level?

Yes it can. That you can work with other people to change your society is an attestation that you can work within yourself to change what you don’t want. Work on your thoughts. From your thoughts stem perception. Change how you are thinking about what you don’t want as you will see other things falling into places.

Be fearless. The anonymous saying has it that: “What you want is on the other side of fear.” Are you tired of being negative? You have to be doing things that will be making you feel positive. Are you tired of being weak all the time? You have to be doing things that will be filling and refining your energy. If you want to shine, you have to stop chasing the shadow.

Motivation for Life says, “When you stop chasing the wrong things, you give the right thing a chance to catch you.” It is as simple as that. If you don’t want to be wretched and wallow in poverty, learn financial Intelligence. If you are tired of being a victim in life, use what you are going through as your launchpad to becoming a victor. If your weakness is turning you down, turn it to your strength and start winning.

It may be pain that makes you to be portraying life as unworthy trajectory, turn it to passion. Your passion not to remain in shallow will leap you to significance. Your passion to stop being inferior will charge you to impacts. Your passion not to remain whom you are should awake you to the life you desire.

Till I comes your way next week, we shall meet where people that are turning setbacks to comeback belong.
Sulyman Sodeeq Abdulakeem