Authetic? What is that?

This idea of being truly me…

Often pretending to be like someone else,

And being judged by what they see.

Why make rules and standards?

Why set the bar so high?

To an unattainable image of beauty,

Harder to reach than it is to fly.

Who really needs that makeup?

And who always looks their best?

Why don’t we care about character,

Instead of dressing to impress?

So let me tell you who I am

When you take a look at me.

I’m just a regular girl in blue jeans

Whose dying to be set free.

Free from all those standards,

And those pictures of perfection.

Free to be my authentic self,

And to love my own reflection.

The person I don’t see in the mirror

That’s who I want to be.

I want to be a beautiful person

But that starts inside of me.

When you smile and you laugh,

And you put the filters down,

Stop living for their affections

Stop fighting for some crown

Be your own kind of beautiful

Set your sights up high

To being a better person

Cause beauty starts inside.

Be happy with you

Whoever you may be

And remember that you’re not alone

Cause there’s people just like me.

Girls who don’t wear makeup

Or fancy high heel shoes

People who are happy

Someone with nothing to prove.

Let them all look on in envy

Cause you’re the beautiful one

When you’re not fighting a wicked battle

That can never be won.

So when you turn my way

I hope this what you see

A girl in dirty blue jeans

Who is happy as can be.

I’m not living to a standard

I’m happy being me

Cause even in holy blue jeans

I’m completely free

You can a little bit crazy

And sometimes I get mad

I’m certainly not perfect,

But that’s really not so bad.

I wear my dirty cowboy boots

Sometimes my old t-shirt

I feel prettiest in blue jeans

Covered in a little bit of dirt

Because if I am a little bit dirty

It means I’m being me

I am my own kind of beautiful

I’m happy and I’m free.



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