Midnight Flurry

Midnight Flurry

Loneliness is a curse; love is the healing process. This poetry collection is of heartbreaks and love.

Life is not perfect. It obviously seem as if there is nothing we will be able to do about it. And here comes love; it fills the entire space of our heart and gives us hope for the future. Often, when you have put all your trust in it, you find it slipping away.

Many great authors have written the best principles of love and how best to manage it. Unfortunately, love does not seem to work with theories. But here is a book you will definitely love to have around. This book illustrates love in all it shades and grey. If you need to have a feel of all that love could come with, then you need to have a copy of MIDNIGHT FLURRY.

This book is best for young lovers and old lovers seeking help with their love life.

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About the Book

Midnight Flurry: Loneliness is a curse; love is the healing process. This poetry collection is of heartbreaks and love.

“How long do you intend to keep up with your ego;
I understand that love has dealt with you badly in the past;
But that was in your past relationship.
Look at the mirror and tell me what you see;
A beauty queen locked up in her own prison;
Drowning in the silence of her own emptiness.
Trust me, you can’t last long in there;
You need love; we all need somebody to lean on;
This is not a sign of weakness;
It is the reward of and for love.
You should learn to open up your soul to love.”

2018 (c) Midnight Flurry
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Genres: Erotica, Poetry, Young Adult
Tags: Literature, Poetry, Recommended Books
Publisher: Giftedminds Writers Firm
Publication Year: 2018
Length: 102 pages

eBook Price: $9.00 USD
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