Giftedminds Writers Firm; a writing, research and content marketing firm established in April 2016 has been recognized by BID Group in its 2019 BID Annual Quality Award to hold on Monday September 23, 2019.

The president of the firm, Victor Eshameh received the good news on Wednesday July 3, 2019. In a congratulatory meeting with the team, he congratulates the house for constant and tireless efforts put together to merit the recognition in the global world.

According to Daniel Perea, representative of BID Group who broke the news to the house, the decision to present this award is the result of research and analysis carried out through Quality Hunters, Leaders, Entrepreneurs and Experts in quality directed by BID to recognize the contribution of Giftedminds Writers in terms of Leadership, Quality, Innovation, and Excellence.

He further stated that the BID Annual Quality Award is meant to recognize leaders, encourage processes that affect organisation at present, as well as other important areas for the future, focused on Quality, Excellence, Marketing, Sales, Innovation and Best Practices.

In response to the above, the firm has promised to continue to strengthen its commitment to innovative literature, quality research, and excellent marketing contents. The president also made it known that the firmhad just launched it online literary magazine in February 2019. He said, “Our online magazine is totally free and contain contents such as Literature, Research, Business, Report, Inspiration, among other relevance. This is the best, if not the first, online literary magazine in Nigeria.” He added that the public should expect more of educative and entertaining contents from the firm as there are several other packages on the way. At the end of his speech, he urge everyone to get set for Poetic Regime; another first of it kind poetry presentation in Nigeria.