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Why you should publish your poem/essay with Giftedminds Writers Magazine

If your desire as a writer/poet is to get your works thru the roof of your abode to millions of readers. You are at the right place. We have been publishing poems and essays online since 2016 and have over a million viewers constantly reading our contents. Believe me; this kind of feat is rare to come by!


Editorial Prowess – We provide free editorial services with the help of our experienced minds who work behind the scene. They ensure that your submitted content sells out as it ought to. They observe your contents and put perfection touches when needed.
Matchless Contents – We do not publish just any kind of content. Poems and essays on our site follow a due selection process in order to ensure the quality of service delivery. Our readers keep growing due to this incontestable fact.
Large Network – Like never experienced, we have built a network of readers using all social networks possible. Our readers get notified of newly published poetry and essay. Our content is spread across eight social media networks. Plus we have thousands of web subscribers across the world.


  • There are no limits to the length of your poem/essay
  • There are no bounds on the subject or theme of focus
  • We only publish poems and essay written in English
  • Just in case some words used are not English words, provide a glossary at the end of your poem/essay to offer their meaning in the English language
  • Poetry with good use of figures of speech such as personification, pun, metaphor, and simile is highly considered, but not a must.
  • Ensure you do not submit more than 1 poem in a day.
  • Do not submit poetry or essays targeted to insult or spoil a person, place, animal, or thing.
  • We do not accept a promotional poem or essay, a single trial will lead to blocking you from our database
  • Attach a picture that expresses what your poem/essay is about. Ensure the picture is copyright free or state it when it is not 


  • By submitting this content, I am affirming that it is my own and original work void of plagiarism.
  • I consent that this content submitted to Giftedminds Writers Magazine will not be published on any other online site except my personal blog and/or eBooks and printed copies.
  • I understand and consent that all rights to the submitted content on Giftedminds Writers Magazine remain mine. However, the magazine holds the right to repost/share my content on its sites and social handles.
  • I understand and consent that Giftedminds Writers Magazine will be regarded and reference as an online publisher of my content when I share or copy my content as placed by the magazine.



Review. Once your poetry or essay is submitted, it goes into our review box. There are persons in charge of reviewing your submission. Here is what they check for;

  • Originality
  • Arrangement
  • Grammar
  • Message passed

If you pass at least the first and the last, your content will be sent for approval.

Approval. This is done by humans, not a machine. Here is what is considered before approving your poem or essay:

  • Are there essays or poems with similar messages on our site?
  • Does yours pass a more detailed message?
  • Is your arrangement fair enough to be reworked by our editors?
  • Is your grammar fair enough to be reworked by our editors?

Your content can only be sent for editing if it passes these four questions.

Editing. There are different editors for different kinds of the content received. Be assured that our editors will treat your content with the utmost respect and your point of view intact.
As much as we want your content published, we also want it to be well enjoyed and appreciated by those who read it. This is why changes might be administered to contents when necessary. These changes are quite limited to spelling, grammar, paragraphing, to help create the right spark.

Publishing. It is our custom to notify you once your content is published via any choice social media handle. The link to your content will be forwarded as well. You can also check your account on our site to see how your content is performing.

Do you have more than one poem to share?
Or are you looking forward to publishing in an internationally recognized journal?
Visit Voices: The Journal of Emotions and Motions to submit your poetry or essay.

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