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Giftedminds Writers Firm was officially registered into the corporate world by the corporate affairs commission of Nigeria on the 19th of April 2016. This registration (RC 2409312) grants the firm rights to general contracts, publishing and production, and import and export of general goods.

Prior to its registration in 2016, the firm has existed as a voluntary enlightenment group consisting of 6 six undergraduate students of the university. This group was created by Victor Eshameh in 2012 with the target of reaching out to adolescents through the internet. For this purpose, a Facebook page and web blog was created. The major activities were sharing of motivational words, stories, historic and scientific discoveries and other educational resources.

In 2014

There was a transformation from the idea of being a voluntary enlightenment group to becoming a corporate entity. This led to the birth of Destinedove Books.

The idea behind the rebirth was as a result of the volume of resources gathered and released for public use. It was felt that our efforts could be used to generate funds by engaging in book production. Our dream was to become a leading motivational book publisher and marketer.

Destinedove Books wasn’t limited to the writing of motivational papers. There were skillful storytellers, researchers and poets amidst the group whose stories and discovery were well sought for by our online readers.

Destinedove Books attracted high school teachers who thought it was an academic publishing house. Teachers from within Nigeria and other parts of the world sent several messages seeking permission to make use of some the online publications on Destinedove Book site.

In 2015

Destinedove Books could no longer function as envisioned. It had only three active members and five contributing members who were all undergraduate students. The strength of Destinedove Books weakened and led to it folding up in August 2015. These ideas and more were brought back in October 2015 by Victor Eshameh and renamed Giftedminds Writers Firm which became a registered business in 2016.


Giftedminds Writers Firm, have several freelancers including editors, researchers and creative and copy writers. With these efforts, Giftedminds Writers Firm continue to provide services such as academic research, copywriting, creative writing, profiling and case study, editing and proofreading, ghost writing, electronic publishing, authors publicity, consultancy and counseling among others.

Giftedminds Writers Firm has grown within few years of operation to become a trusted creative writing and research firm. The firm has carried out several businesses and assignments for both old and new clients leading to good profit and great profile. In February 2019, the firm launched it official website www.giftedminds.com.ng/ and other active web blogs for marketing and copy-writing, research, and internet forum.


Giftedminds Writers Firm’s vision is to be the central force in generating and promoting literature and enterprises to the world using all global technologies for easy penetration and client’s convenience.

Our mission is to rejuvenate the convention of information communication for positive and productive effects through organizing events, producing materials and publishing literature with the largest network of users.


Our Goals are:

  1. To turn in totality minds especially that of the adolescents into a productive and resourceful vineyard of blameless fruits through our enlightenment programs
  2. Equally, to put into miniature words, the big, wide, and spacious world and happenings around it for correction and redirection through our research undertakings and discoveries
  3. We are committed to create an elegant yet affordable link between the circle of business i.e. business to consumers and business to business for economic growth by means of our entrepreneurship and marketing concepts
  4. To present and represent the beauty of literature and writers through production and publication of creative contents for readers’ delight via our publication department
  5. Likewise, to be the world largest mobile book service provider; providing the easiest and cheapest access to unlimited and ever fresh literature



Giftedminds Writers Firm (pentagon of wit just a click away) curved around itself five marketable services which are all of writers expertise. These ventures are well drafted into the work system of the firm and are skillfully supervised by managers and other executives. All activities within are carried out by our staffs; works are assigned to freelancers based on their qualification and experience recorded by the firm. Aside from being service providing enterprises, the firm ensures that each venture produces saleable products and programs.


Giftedminds Writers

Giftedminds Writers is a network of independent creative writers, poet and novelists. Our writers are committed to providing brilliant and captivating literature – novels, magazine and journals that will enrich your thoughts and empower your idea. The firm has created mediums through which it dexterity is been viewed and appraised.

Giftedminds Researchers

Giftedminds Researchers combines the task of academic research, tourism and art exhibition. Our researchers are committed to the business of providing academic long essays and professional projects in humanities and social sciences; providing tourist assistance, and promoting cultural entities. Since 2016, we have continued to build a great profile with successfully completed academic researches and our clients get the best results and the value for their money. We have capable historians, researchers, archivists and heritage custodians as staff members and freelancers.

Giftedminds Marketers (Market Demand Media)

Our Marketing platform (Market Demand Media) was launched in 2017. The firm discovered lapses in the present marketing strategy which is becoming over popular and therefore losing it values. However, we also understand the importance of marketing to businesses, and other related entrepreneurial activities. Therefore, we create and implements marketing strategy by conducting market research to increase the sales and profits of clients’ company; build relationship between target audiences; and increase overall exposure and turnover of clients’ company. Giftedminds Marketers has since its inception handled three consultation sessions with business owners and delivered several services in this regards.

Giftedminds Street (Voices)

In 2017, Giftedminds Writers Firm decided to connect with the street, understanding that the street is a sensitive location for information; it is where all the happenings take place. The 21st century society has magnificently improved from the low to a highly sophisticated society where everyone has the right and channel to express self and connect with as much as possible. Our mission was birthed out of our research question, “Are public opinion getting the right response?” “How do we get peoples’ opinions (suggestions and complain) to the right quarters?” This is the gap Voice of the Street intends to fill.

Giftedminds Enlightenment Programs

At Giftedminds, we are ventures are guided by three (3) e’s. Enlightenment is our second ‘e’ – entertain, enlighten, empower. Our intention is to promote a reliable society through enlightenment and empowerment. We see a society that needs to be awakened and nurtured, and we are standing up to the task by providing seasonal enlightenment projects and empowerment plans. We are a literary organization, consequently most of our enlightenment programs falls on this path. Our empowerment programs often require partnership and sponsorship and we have enjoyed a good number of that.


Giftedminds Writers Firm does writing, marketing, opinion poll, enlightenment and research best. We employ the best hands on the job and pick the very best of freelancers to assign in our colossal assignments; thus, we get projects done before deadline and passed ahead for editing and proofing before delivery to clients on or before deadline. It will also interest you to know that we have the fast and well-packaged delivery service. A trail will convince you better.

Listed below are assignment, tasks and projects we carry out at Giftedminds Writers firm:


  • Ghost-writing
  • Stage play / drama
  • Corporate speeches
  • Book editing
  • Chapter in a book
  • Television and radio scripting
  • Poetry
  • Magazine articles
  • Complimentary messages
  • Short stories
  • Novels
  • Screenplay
  • Journals


  • Academic research
  • Professional report
  • Research management
  • Biography
  • Profiling
  • Journal
  • Documentaries

Opinion poll

  • Radio program
  • Television program
  • Social media program
  • Media consultancy
  • Survey
  • Data initiator
  • Photo journalism
  • Promotions and Awareness


  • Digital Ads
  • SEM & PPC (Search Engine Marketing) (Pay-Per-Click)
  • Market survey
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Copywriting
  • White paper
  • Case study
  • Social Media Management
  • Content Marketing
  • Web Business
  • Inbound Market
  • Video Marketing
  • Graphic Design


  • College program
  • Youth program
  • Giftedminds club
  • Family program
  • Community program
  • Corporate programs

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Giftedminds Writers’ Firm

the pentagon of wits…just a click away

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