Man of the house

Yesterday was Father’s Day. Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers and soon to become fathers all around the world. So this week on Giftedminds Writers Firm updates, we will be celebrating Father’s Day all through for 7 days all in a week. On this note, if you have something […]

Shattered soul

Heartbeat falls upon deaf ears, Slowly take away all my fears. Coldness closes in all around As your shattered soul falls to the ground. Teardrops fall from the skies, Raindrops form in your eyes. The hurting goes so deep. Starlit sky burns out as you weep Tears of fury, cries […]

Do you know

Do you know a life of loneliness and one filled with pain, living a life with nothing to gain, Surrounded by darkness, overwhelmed with shame. A life without peace with no one to blame. Do you know of a place unseen, A place that holds only shattered dreams, A place […]

Nobody knows

Nobody knows it’s empty, The smile that I wear. The real one is left behind in the past Because I left you there… Nobody knows I am crying. They won’t even see my tears. When they think I am laughing, I wish you were here… Nobody knows it’s painful. They […]

Pain, pain go away

Pain, pain go away! Please do not come back another day. Tears falling down my face. Oh, how I wish for his warm embrace. Wonder if he cares about me. Wonder if this is supposed to be. How can he stand there and break my heart? How did we allow […]


I thought it was a dream; I thought it wasn’t real, But pain really hurts and it’s really how I feel. Memories keep coming back, and so do all of the tears. I hear your voice, and as quick as the smile came, it quickly disappears. I don’t know what […]


You broke my heart in two And took me like a bet. With all you put me through, I have so many regrets. To lose you was worth it, although I wasn’t sure. It seemed to make me happy but still so insecure. We always said forever we would take […]