voices journal

Genres Published: Poetry, Short essays

Book types: Journal

Formats: eBooks

Reading period: December 1 to February 28

Reporting time: 2 to 4 weeks

Charges Reading Fee: No

Accepts electronic submissions: Yes

Accepts unsolicited submissions: Yes

Titles per year: 1 to 5

Distributors: Distributed by publishers

voices journal

About Voices

VOICES: The Journal of Emotions and Emotion publishes poetry, memoirs and short essays.

Our journal represents the point of view of authors and issues of concern in their societies. The authors retain full rights over their contents and can be used, shared or displayed in whatsoever way they trust. We use the best social print media and social networking media in publishing and promoting the reach of our published journal.

Our fundamental mission is to disseminate poetry through digital media and therefore publishes only innovative works of the greatest minds writing poetry and essays today. We are solely committed to the dissemination of knowledge.

VOICES: The Journal of Emotions and Emotion is published annually and has become a haven for underrated writers to convene with readers worldwide.

Voices: The Journal of Emotions and Motions seeks to publish an eclectic, well edited collection of poems and/or short essays that pours out real life emotions, actions and reactions. We love and accept languages of all kinds. We equally welcome works from a diverse range of poets, including men, women and children, people of different cultural and moral belief and those identified as autistic. We will make inclusive decisions about the poets and essayists we publish.  

Voices journal review


  • Review. Once your poetry or essay is submitted, it goes into our review box. There are persons in charge of reviewing your submission. Here is what they check for;
  • Originality
  • Arrangement
  • Grammar
  • Message passed  

If you pass at least the first and the last, your content will be sent for approval.

  • Approval. The approval of content is done by a human, not a machine. Here is what is considered before approving your poem or essay:
  • Are there essays or poem with similar messages on our site?
  • Does yours pass a more detailed message?
  • Is your arrangement fair enough to be reworked by our editors?
  • Is your grammar fair enough to be reworked by our editors?

Your content can only be sent for editing if it passes these four questions.

  • Editing. There are different editors for different kinds of content received. Be assured that our editors will treat your content with utmost respect and your point of view intact.


As much as we want your content published, we also want it to be well enjoyed and appreciated by those who read it. This is why changes might be administered to contents when necessary. These changes are quite limited to spelling, grammar, paragraphing, to help create the right spark.

  • Publishing. It is our custom to notify you once your content is published via any choice social media handle. Link to your content will be forwarded as well. You can also check your account on our site to see how your content is performing.  
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Currently, Voices is open for submissions from December 1 and will close SOON.

Submission Guidelines

Voices: The Journal of Emotions and Motions publishes poetry and short essays. We are interested in poems or articles that draw attention to the society the poets or essayists lives in. We would like to see works that share ideas, emotions and interactions with the minds of it readers. We are open to only virtual kind of submission, no hard or printed copies required.

ENSURE THAT YOUR SUBMISSION IS IN-LINE WITH THE THEME OF THE YEAR. You can find the theme of the year’s publication and its detail on our blog

Submit poems of 1 – 5 pages or essay of 1 – 10 pages.

Submissions should be in Word format – no PDFs.

We want to read works of emerging and experienced poets and essayists. Please do not identify yourself until you have been requested to. Be sure your name is not on the poem/article, and do not provide a biographical statement or acknowledgement of previously published works. Instead, in your cover letter, provide 3 – 5 sentences summarizing the idea behind your submitted works.

Submissions should be emailed to admin@giftedminds.com.ng

In the subject line of your email, please write “Poetry/Essay Submission: [title of your poem/article].

See you soon!